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Fruit - how healthy is it really?

Posted Jan 22 2012 10:03am

Naturally, fruit contains a lot of sugar and therefore most people see it as a good option to satisfy their sweet tooth. But how healthy is fruit really and can it really be seen as a better alternative to refined sugary treats such as cookies, chocolates and candy? And how can you tell whether the amount of fruit you're eating is too much?

As so often opinions diverge. My thorough research brought me across one example: GRAPES.They are overly expensive, devishly sweet but above all they are almost nutrition-less. The red variant is a little but better due to valuable antioxidants in the form of polyphenols which protect the cells of our body against free radicals (reactive oxygen species or ROS). However, when it comes to grapes there is one form of them that actually does your body some good:In the process of red wine making, those protective polyphenols remain, along with a nice percentage of alcohol instead of the harmful sugar that was once the grape's downfall as a superfood.
Furthermore, I read that a diet high in fruit sugar can lead to a chronic imbalance of the body's blood sugar regulating hormones, namely insulin, glucagon & growth hormone, which may further pave the way to cardiovascular disease and/or diabetes.
Question for you: Have you ever noticed that you get even more hungry after you just ate an apple? I most certainly have. This is attributed to the sudden increase of your blood sugar level which is followed by a release of insulin to decrease blood glucose (and therefore maintain homeostasis) and shortly after you experience the inevitable crash.
Yes, fruit does contain a lot of vitamins, electrolytes and antioxidants but don't neglect the fact that it's mostly made out of sugar! Besides, among strict fruitarians several health problems have been reported: dental decay, osteoporosis, wasting of muscle tissue, inability to maintain weight, chronic fatigue, skin issues, alopecia (only to name a few^^).
Bottom line: as always you have to decide for yourself how much fruit you are able to stomach. A lot of people will never have a problem with fruit, when at the same time there are some among us that are fructose intolerant, meaning their digestive system just can't handle fruit sugar at all or solely a minimum amount of it.
To end things on a much more positive note, I am happy to tell you that fruit consumption in moderation can contribute to excellent overall health & well-being subject to the condition that you are not suffering from said fructose intolerance....chichichi
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