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Fructose, glucose, sucrose, who knows?! Sugar is sugar. And it’s bad for immune balance.

Posted May 02 2010 10:18am

There’s a big story in today’s Sunday New York Times on high fructose corn syrup. Companies such as ConAgra (one of DR Peppermy former employers) are being urged to take the HFCS out of their products. ConAgra is obliging, replacing the HFCS in its Hunt’s ketchup with regular sugar. Other brands are moving down the same path.

The companies are doing this not because the science is conclusive, but because they are tired of the hassle from consumer complaints and requests to get rid of the stuff, according the the story.

Indeed, many experts say some research suggests HFCS may add to belly fat more than other sugars, but there’s no proof HFCS is processed in the body much differently than cain sugar or concentrated fruit juice sweeteners.  A WebMD story said other countries that don’t consume many products with HFCS are still experiencing rising rates of obesity and diabetes. The problem is that people today are simply eating too much food and too many calories from foods with processed sugar, no mater what the form of sugar.

An old boss of mine, a Ph.D  plant biologist, said that there’s only one simple equation for weight loss and weigh management: calories in vs. calories out. Everything else is just a little fine tuning.

As for immune health, reducing sugar (a pro-inflammation agent), no matter what form, can make a difference in immune health , let alone weight.

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