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Frozen Dinner and Frozen Yogurt

Posted Oct 06 2011 10:24pm

Happy Hump Day!

Yesterday was great. I skipped the gym and ate a massive bowl of frozen yogurt instead. Holla!

Breakfast was pretty standard.

Muesli with almond milk (hot!), a banana, and coffee with almond milk and Truvia.

Lunch was leftovers. Weeeee!

Spaghetti squash and marinara with spinach and nutritional yeast.

Maddux and I went on a nice little walk for the rest of my lunch break.





He did his thing. Sniffed the air, hunted squirrels. He goes ballistic for those things.



I got super fancy for dinner.



Yeah, whatever. It was super cheap at the grocery store last week and I had zero interest in cooking last night. The ingredients list is a mile long and it wasn’t even very good, but we all have those nights.

After dinner, I ran a couple of errands. An exchange at Ulta and a quick stop at Michael’s. And by a quick stop, I mean I spent a full hour there staring at things and willing my inner-Martha to shine through with some brilliantly creative fall decorating ideas. Uh, yeah, that didn’t happen. I bought a few things anyway, so we’ll see what I come up with.

After Michael’s, I picked up Ryan from class and we went to a magical little place called Forever Yogurt.



The location we went to was really neat inside, it looked just like an el stop, except without the homeless people, graffiti, and urine smell.


Ryan had fruit everything.


And I had chocolate everything.


Sounds about right for the two of us.

Ryan practiced a concept completely foreign to me  – moderation – and saved half of his for later. I did not. I am, however, practicing restraint and not digging into his leftovers that are calling my name from the freezer right now.

What are your favorite ice cream/frozen yogurt toppings?

I’m, obviously, all about the candy and chocolate.

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