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Frosty Fitness Challenge Week #2: Inspire Yourself

Posted Nov 18 2012 7:02pm
Hello Lovelies!

First a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the first week of our first ever Frosty Fitness Challenge! It was so great seeing so many amazing individuals at all different running levels striving for the same goal...20km in 7 days!!! Whether you hit the 20km or not we salute you for trying and getting out there are trying!!! (Need more info on the challenge, then click HERE )

This weeks challenge is a little different and will include all of the none runners out there and is perfect for everyone regardless of your level of fitness. We spoke to this weeks sponsor Whooha Gear and asked them what sort of challenge they would like to see us do.... they wanted this weeks challenge to involved Inspiring not only the people around you, but also yourself!! I LOVE IT!

So this week we are challenging everyone to do any or all of the following things to help inspire yourself. Here are a few ways you can participate in this weeks challenge
1) Try something you have NEVER done hot yoga, zoomba, spin class, hiking, weights, a new workout video etc...really anything you have never done before! Inspire yourself to switch up your routine!

2) Do something you haven't done in a while, for example if you used to love doing weights and haven't done them in a while inspire yourself to get back into it! or if you are a runner switch it up and do some power walking (you use different muscles!) or vise versa!

3) Get out in your community and volunteer, donate or somehow give back and inspire others to do the same!!

Every time you post about the new activity you have tried tag myself (@pushpumppro) and Sarah (@sarahohm) and use the hash tag #frostyfitnesschallenge.  You can post on our facebook pages, twitter or instagram. For links to all of our social media look to the right of this post or click HERE

So if you decide to try yoga for the first time this week and you do it 3 times, post each time you did it to earn 3 entries!


Whooha was started by two ambitious women from Las Vegas who met while mountain biking. Over the years they got involved in other aspects of physical activity like running, road biking, triathlons etc...  Along the way the became an inspiration to each other and to themselves and realized that that had a very similar outlook on life. They both had optimistic objectives and healthy attitudes! Julie and Amy worked together to create Whooha Gear with the aim of creating clothes that would help to inspire other women to inspire themselves! (source)

Not only have the Whooha Gear ladies donated a very "inspiring" prize for one luck winner, but they are also offering everyone a discount code to get 10% off any item you purchase from their website! The coupon code is ppp-whooha I am in love with their clothes and own 5 different Whooha Gear items! Show them some love and follow them via

What you can win this week!

Whooha Gear is graciously donating the Inspire Yourself matted picture to give to one lucky participant! It would be perfect to frame and hang up at home or in the office or really anywhere you want some daily inspiration!
The awesome pic you can win!

a close up of what is written on the picture


We had a total of 57 entries which was great! We would love to give each of you a prize for participating this week but unfortunate we can only pick 3! Here are our lucky winners! Please contact me withing 48 hours to claim your prize (after that a new winner will be chosen).

Our randomly selected winners from were: #30 Boise Runner #21, Be A Fit Fox and #5 Shelley Payne!! Congrats! Please email me at
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