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From Silver to Blue

Posted Aug 28 2012 11:46pm
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From Silver to Blue

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It was a bittersweet day..

My car that I’ve had for 10 years decided to tucker out last week.

I’ve been shopping around and today it’s lovely blue replacement joined my little family (as in me and my cat killer :p)

I’ve had that first car since senior year of high school.. it’s driven from Seattle to San Francisco, up & down the California coast a few times, San Francisco back to Seattle, Seattle to Baltimore, Baltimore to Arizona and Arizona to Austin. Crazy.. we’d been through a lot together. But onto new adventures in .. yet to be named vehicle ;-)


Leg day!

  • Squats with reps of 15-12-10-10-8-8-5-5-5 increasing weight along the way. I got up to 175 for the last set (though did make all 5), but was pretty excited since it’s the 2nd time I’ve lifted legs in 6 months. Looking forward to progress there!
  • Leg Press superset with narrow squats – both for higher reps 15-20
  • Laying leg curls superset with single leg deadlifts

SS Cardio

  • 15 min. Intervals on the Elliptical
  • 15 min Incline treadmill – increasing incline every minute

Same as yesterday plus a Quest Bar on the go. Yes really food is always better but sometimes too messy for a grab & go. Love the short ingredient list of Question bars and especially the ‘natural’ line which is sweetened with Stevia.

Pin(s) of the Day

This one’s double awesome because not only does it fit with my current theme but it’s of my super fitness bad ass friend Anja! If you’re need of a little motivation check out her Facebook page , and if you’re in need of a butt-kickin get to one of her classes in the LA area or on DailyBurn !

And this simply because it sounds great and I have big plans for a healthy version..

Source: via Alyson on Pinterest


Pop  Tarts.. yay or nay?

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