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From Little Boy Room To Big Man Cave

Posted Nov 24 2010 9:14am

< p>Did you finally save up enough cash to move out into your own place? Congratulations are in order for you then! You may now enter into the realms of true bachelorhood like a real man. So you are not taking any of the children sized furniture with you, right? If you are, the first stop is to the dump with that junk.<br /><br />Look, that little bunk bed set that mommy got you years ago may have some serious sentimental value, but it is for kids. And the funky beds that you were sleeping on in the college dorms? They should have been incinerated before you ever got a hold of them. You are living on your own, like a real man now, remember? You will want to step it up a tad.<br /><br />You bedroom is surely where you want to go big, and go all the way with it, right? So start out with some design changes and go with a bold, bright, and beautiful new <a href=’’>quilt set</a>. Yeah, it may be a bit sissy, but the company is going to love it. Those days of the nasty college dorm futon on the floor look are over.<br /><br />As a matter of fact, make it a <a href=’’>king quilt</a> set. You can now get a bed that is too big for a van down by the river. Big beds are quite comfortable, and becoming, and can hold up an adult frame, or frames as the case may be. Big beds are for big men, so act like one and sleep like one. That foam pad thing still stinks like oil and gasoline anyways, so burn it.<br /><br />Now if you really want to look like Mister Big Stuff in the bedroom, you are going to want to check out something in a <a href=’’>sleigh bed</a>. These beds are flat awesome, and they are a sight to behold. They are massively built, they sit up off the ground high enough to need steps, and they look like they could actually be used to haul goodies through the snow. This will definitely impress anyone stopping by.<br /><br />Are you catching the trend here? When you get out on your own, it is a good time to really man up with it. Men do things bigger and better than the boys. They are larger than life, large and in charge, up to the tasks at hand, and often the life of the party. They think big and act bigger, so grow into it.<br /><br />And when it comes right down to it, when the party is over and the shouting is through, it is really good to have a place to get some rest in. Big beds offer that more than anything else. Men who work hard and party hard will need some serious down time once in a while. When you do, go big there, too.

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