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From Earth to Plate--Slow Eating

Posted Mar 20 2010 12:00am
Beautiful Day AGAIN! I'm starting to feel like we're a little spoiled....wait....nah... we deserve it after the winter we've had!

50 mins of Yoga Works this AM, was awesome...loving this tape!

I planted catnip and parsley today...basil is coming up nicely. Tended to my compost....really neded to get some worms or this stuffs NEVER going to break down! I feel like I have more organic matter than I can keep up with! We eat so many veggies, lettuce, fruit, etc there are SO many food scraps! Well, this is why I decided to compost in the first place, my guilt over dumping this stuff down the disposal when it could be put back into the earth. Looking into shipping some worms today!

Tip/Quote of the Day:


Slow Food, the Italian-born movement dedicated to the principle that "a firm defense of quiet material pleasure is the only way to oppose the universal folly of Fast Life. The slow foods movement protest the "Western" way of eating, and way of life. It aims to elevate quality over quantity and believes that doing so depends on cultivating our sense of taste as well as rebuilding the relationships between producers and consumers that the industrialization of our food has destroyed. "Food quality depends on consumers who respect the work of farmers and are willing to educate their senses." -Carlo Petrini, Slow Food founder, has said. When that happens, "they become precious allies for producers." Even connoisseurship can have politics, as when it deepens our appreciation for the work of the people who produce our food and ruins our taste for the superficial pleasures of fast food.

It's tough to change our "fast food, western" way of eating without changing our "fast paced"way of life. Slow foods wager is that making time and slowing down to eat, an activity that happens 3 times a day and changes all through a culture, is precisely the wedge that can begin to crack the entire structure.

To eat slowly is to become aware of all that is involved with bringing food from the earth to your plate. "Undeniably, there are pleasure to be had eating that are based on the opposite--on knowing precious little; indeed, they sometimes depend on it." Eating a fast-food burger would lose it's enjoyment if you actually saw the entire process of a cows life to the slaughterhouse--how it was raised, eating corn stuffed in a cramped factory, abused, how they are slaughtered,  to the way the meat was processed, the ammonia washed through it to try and prevent e-coli from the way it was brought up, the artificial "grill flavor" added into it, how it was shipped  to who was cooking it. I bet you would want to vomit looking at a burger if you REALLY saw where it was coming from.

Americans, in general strive on ignorance. We would rather "not know" where our food is coming from. Am I the only one that finds something seriously wrong with this?

Recommended Reading: In Defense of Food -Michael Pollan

Ab Work Continued....

Here's another slide of another one of my favorite AB exercises...

The Ball Roll-Out

  1. Kneel in front of the ball and place arms on the ball, elbows bent.
  2. Contract the abs and pull the belly towards the spine.
  3. Slowly roll forward and out as far as you comfortably can. Don't go so far that you hurt your back or collapse.
  4. Keeping the body straight, slowly pull your body back using your arms and abdominals.
  5. Continue for 1-3 sets of 8-12 reps, avoiding this move if you have any back problems.
  6. You can change the difficult of the move by placing your hands closer in or further out. 

Off to a have a Edward Cullen....and Jacob.....NEW MOON on Demand today! *Sigh* I'm such a teenager, haha

Enjoy your Saturday!

If you haven't visited my Diets Examiner Page yet, check it out! The more clicks per day the better ;-) Have some great ideas for upcoming articles--will keep you posted....won't be TOO much of my recycled blogs, I promise! Lots of exciting, useful stuff, so keep checking back! Comments and feedback are welcome, and anything you would like to hear about I can add to my list of topics!

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