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FrogFuel Giveaway

Posted Jun 23 2013 7:56pm

**Readers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view all the video's in this post. Click on the Ready In 5 Weeks link at the top of the page**

On occasion, I write about products that either I personally wanted to try, or that the maker has asked me to write about. The good folks at FrogFuel asked if I would try their product and write about it. They also said if I held a little contest, one lucky person would win 3 packs of FrogFuel.

I am always looking for quick, on-the-go nutrition sources. Most of the time I am well prepared, in fact I am a bit OCD about it, I panic if I do not have enough water, vegetables or cooked protein with me on any trip lasting more than an hour.

I plan my training times and ensure I have enough time to eat properly, I am hardly of the "cardio on an empty stomach" camp. Sometimes, life gets in the way though and my best laid plans just kinda blow up. This is where I found the FrogFuel very handy and a life saver actually.

I typically have a shake prior to my training as it is very early in the morning and eating a meal is difficult for me, it's early and takes quite a bit to digest. 

Recently I have been traveling and my training is not always at a time when it is convenient for me, I need to go when I am able. The other day I had planned to go and then could not leave for three hours, nor could I eat. I missed a meal and had to rush out the door. 

Protein bars are not typically an emergency option for me, they are all loaded with so much "stuff" so I avoid them when possible.

I reached for a FrogFuel, 15 grams of protein, no need to "digest" it. It has taurine in it which is essential for cardiovascular function and function of the skeletal muscle and central nervous system; no carbohydrates, no fat, no sugar, no garbage. 

I downed it in the car as I drove to the gym, I hadn't eaten in 5 hours but I had no choice. I then proceeded to climb on a Jacob's Ladder for 14 minutes! 

I was exhausted, but anyone would be after that session, especially since I had already trained in the morning and it was squat and lunge day!! 

Here is how a Jacob's Ladder works (email readers will need to navigate directly to the blog to view this):

I enjoyed the taste of the FrogFuel (berry), it gave me the energy I needed, I didn't feel full and most importantly, I didn't need a barf bucket! 

It got me through my training, and I felt good!

My 19 year old son, Cooper is training with my trainer, Roy Ganju at BodyComp Gym this summer. I decided I would get his feed back too. It is difficult to get him to eat properly prior to training, he just doesn't have the experience yet to understand the importance of the right combinations and the timing. Often he trains without eating, a huge mistake and he tells me he can feel the lack of energy during his sessions.

He texted me this picture after he trained (since I was out of town) and said: "I had a very good workout, I felt very solid!" This was a great review from him, believe me!

I will buy some of these to keep on hand, it's great to know I have some good emergency choices that I can keep in my gym bag, purse and car. 

Take the "What is your fuel level" quiz - it's kinda fun, I am at level "Fanatic", but I don't think that surprises anyone. Discover your "Fuel Level", and view some workouts if you like. You will need to complete the very short quiz to enter the giveaway.

The winner will receive:

3 FrogFuel 1 ounce Protein Shots

1 Elite Status FrogFuel Sticker

To be eligible to win the 3 FrogFuel protein shots you must do the following:

Take the quiz below and 1) post your level in the comments; 2) tell me your typical pre training meal and how long prior to training you consume it; 3) describe your favorite workout (such as: front squats followed by heavy kettlebell swings, etc.)

and one (or all) of the following:

"Like" my athlete Facebook page (or use the link to the right) if you haven't yet, or if we aren't friends.

Follow me on Twitter (or link to the right)

Subscribe to my email updates (link on the upper right).

I would also appreciate it if you would share my blog with friends on Facebook or via email, I would like to grow my readership! 

I pick the winner.

Comments must be posted by Saturday, June 29 at midnight (PST). Winner will be contacted by me on Sunday, June 30, FrogFuel will be sent to winner from the manufacturer.

The opinions expressed here are my own, I was provided with three FrogFuel protein shots at no cost. 
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