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Friends take friends to Bunner's

Posted Mar 08 2013 12:00am
As a gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian gal it brings me great joy that there are places in Toronto where I can go and get delicious treats and yummy bread that are Ashley-friendly. Like Bunner's .

Bunner's has taken the top spot as my favourite bakery in the city (now that LPK's Culinary Groove closed its doors ). Tucked away in the Junction, I'm thankful that it involves a trip across the city to visit or else I may have to exhibit a lot of self control to keep myself from their shop every single day.

It also brings me great joy to share my love of Bunner's with others who are of the gluten free and/or vegan lifestyle, which is why it was awesome to take Alexandra to Bunner's on Monday.

We were both giddy on the subway ride from Bloor to Dundas West and Alexandra was pining for a cupcake. We arrived to this sign...


but luckily it wasn't long before we were able to take in all the sights and smells that this adorable little bakery has to offer! 

I was thrilled that there were two loaves of bread left - one for each of us! Bunner's bread is one of the only loaves I will splurge on. It's crusty and chewy and reminiscent of my non-gluten free days. I consider it such a treat and have to throw half of the loaf in the freezer as soon as it gets home because I become a bread monster when it's around.

gluten free vegan 
The gypsy cookie is pretty divine, filled with chocolate chips and seedy goodness. A boy once sent a box of them to my work following a date. My friend Amanda stands by the fact that it was one of the best days at work ever.  They're definitely one of my favourite things. 
In addition to getting the last two loaves of bread, Alexandra also managed to score the very last cupcake. 
gluten free vegan cupcake 
I wish I had take a photo or video of her eating it as I felt like I was witnessing a religious experience. She loved every last morsel.
I treated myself to a couple of delectable confections and said goodbye to Bunner's for another day. I've been enjoying toast with my breakfast all week. So delicious. Really happy I could take such a sweet friend there for the first time - I know she'll be back! My birthday is around the corner and I'm thinking a cake from Bunner's will be the perfect way to celebrate...
Bunner's is located at 3054 Dundas Street West in Toronto. You can also find them on Twitter and Facebook for more gluten free, vegan, drool-worthy goodness!

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