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Posted Nov 24 2010 12:00am

Thanks for all the comments on the cookies , guys!

I’ve gotten the thumbs up from everyone so far, so it looks like this recipe is a keeper.

I baked last night, too.  But as to not put my readers in sugar coma, that story will come later.

I’d rather make everyone feel “well-balanced” and discuss the lasagna I made: Well.  Technically I didn’t make it.  My mom did.  And froze it.  Then sent it home with me once.  It’s been chillin’ (ahahaha) in my freezer ever since and finally it seemed like last night would be a good night to break it out for a little impromptu “Friends-giving”.

What’s the best thing your ‘rental units make for you when you go home?  Anyone?

All this week, I made Mon  come over again to monitor my sweets intake while baking.  Seriously guys, bake in front of people- it works.  And being as how I forced her to sit there and watch me make glorious food, I figured feeding her something more substantial than sugar and butter might be a good idea. 

My friend (and neighbor) Bailey also came over for dinner with good news about her job- so there was need to celebrate all around!

And feeding friends is generally a nice thing to do as a human being.  Or so I’ve been told.

Either way, my mom makes a mean lasagna.  Thanks, mom!  Us girlies really appreciated it and had quite the little feast. Last year this time, I barely knew Mon, and Bailey still hadn’t moved up yet.  Now I can’t imagine living at my apartment complex without them- who else would I run around getting into trouble with ?!?!  Some of the coolest and sweetest neighbors of all time!  :)

Anyways, don’t think all this cooking and baking went down without any exercise of sorts.

There’s been plenty of that.  Which includes more running.  I’m aware I was going to cut back on running to focus on other things.  But that just hasn’t happened.  Maybe I enjoy it more because there’s less of a forced feeling to do it without the training?  hmmm….

Either way, on Monday it was 4 miles at 8:31 pace.  Not too shabby for being after a long day at work.  

Still not sure how Friday’s race is going to go.  According to the news, it’s supposed to be the coldest day of the week with a high of 31 degrees.  Awesome, right?  The thought is I’ll run super speedy as to get inside that much quicker… yeah… 

Last night, I switched it up by doing the elliptical and getting some stairmaster action.  Wild.

I spent 25 minutes on the elliptical.  Which is pretty much my standard.  And my breaking point.  For those of you who elliptical it up, how do you keep entertained for any longer than that??

All in all, it’s been a good couple of days.  A nice way to start of the holiday weekend.  And it’s only going to get better because today is my last day of work for the week!  Hooray!

For all those who are traveling in the next couple of days, have safe travels!

And for everyone else, enjoy the holiday!

And for all you kids outside of the United States, have a great Wednesday!  :) You have no idea how disappointed my heart was when I missed the Thanksgiving special.  Here’s hoping I’ll actually remember to watch .  Don’t judge if I set an alarm for this…

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