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Friday Zucchini

Posted May 12 2012 1:14am

Well, it’s 9:30 on Friday night and I’m surprised that I’m still awake. I let the dogs sleep with me last night (Alan and Eddy usually sleep in their crate since 3 dogs in the bed is a little crowded but about 1-2 times per week I’ll let them all sleep in the bed) and around 12:30 am Alan woke me up crawling over my chest and shaking. My first thought was that it was Eddy (he’s epileptic and has seizures from time to time, they’re fairly short and he usually recovers quickly and it’s nbd) but once I realized it was actually Alan I was much more concerned. I guess because she was my first dog and she’ll always be my baby I worry a lot about her. At twelve years plus – since she’s adopted I only have an approximate age -she’s also the oldest of the three (although still very young at heart) and I’m always worried about anything that suggests she’s starting to going downhill.

Anyway, once I got past the initial oh-my-god-something’s-wrong-with-my-dog-what-do-I-do freak out phase and was awake enough to actually remember I’m a vet I did my best exam I could manage in the dark without my contacts. She seemed a little unsteady in her front legs and once I got  her out of bed and into the light I could see she was walking a little strangely and seemed reluctant to move her head when she shook. Alan has had a couple episodes of pain due to cervical disc disease in the past so I ran her neck through some gentle range of motion to see if that might be what was bothering her. As soon as I turned her head to the right I heard a loud pop. She never seemed particularly painful at any point but shortly after that she did seem to settle down and finally managed to fall back to sleep and then so did I. (Needless to say, I don’t recommend doing this at home if your dog ever shows similar symptoms. Even as a knowledgeable vet I contemplated taking her into the emergency clinic a couple times – she was acting really strange!)

In the morning, she was back to her usual self – running around like a nut, even rubbing her head on the ground in what I refer to as her ‘breakdancing’ position. Strange as it was, it seemed my middle of the night chiropractic adjustment must have helped. :)

Work today was pretty slow – so slow in fact that I was able to get out of the office for a rare extended lunch. I went to Smashburger with a friend and ordered the Harvest Salad with grilled chicken.



The salad was pretty substantial – I had enough leftover for dinner tonight – and it came with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, cranberries, raisins and balsamic vinaigrette. I definitely appreciate a well thought out salad, especially at a burger joint.

Back at work, I spied quite possibly the biggest zucchini I’ve ever seen in the break room. Turns out, it came from one of our technician’s gardens and was free to a good home so you better believe I snagged that baby up!












I hope you can appreciate the size of this thing because it’s a monster. Any ideas what I should make with it? It’s a grand zucchini so I feel like I should do something grand with it. I’m thinking zucchini muffins perhaps..

Well, I’m off to bed – hoping for a better night of sleep than last night’s. Hope you’re having a wonderful evening! <3


Today I’m grateful for:

Happy healthy pets. Last night was pretty scary, no joke. I seriously love Alan so much I really don’t know what I’m going to do if something ever does happen to her – they’ll probably have to lock me up in the looney bin.

An easy dinner of leftovers.

Bedtime. Night!

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