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Friday Round-Up: TGIF

Posted Jan 25 2013 12:00am
tree pose

a bundled up tree (pose)

All I can say is Thank GOD it’s Friday. Did this week feel super long to you too? It just seemed to drag on F-O-R-E-V-E-R. And the cold. Oh the lovely cold spell we’ve been having on the East Coast. It’s bitter outside. I wouldn’t mind the cold so much if there was snow but there hasn’t been any real snow here in New York City.

I think that we’re all over it. In fact, Everett said to me before bed last night, “Mommy, I’m sick and tired of always having boogers. Is it Springtime yet?” I couldn’t have said it any better buddy.

The one upside is that I just started using FitnessGlo , which offers online fitness classes. That means that I don’t have to bundle up and leave the house to workout – I can do it right at home. Phew! I just sampled a short core class yesterday and I’m excited to check out the other cardio and strength classes they offer. It’s from same company as YogaGlo which I have used for yoga classes and really liked.

It’s a short Friday Round-Up for you this week. To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to read a ton of blog posts. It’s been a jam packed week and honestly? I’ve been stepping away from the computer a bit more. But I do love these posts.

How Teacher Training Changed My Body 
As athletes we think that we know our bodies inside and out – how to train our body, how to nourish our body. However, it’s not until we place ourselves in a new and different situation that we realize that we have much more to learn. I’ve been following along with Whitney’s journey through yoga teacher training. In this post, she shares some of the subtle changes that she noticed in her body over the last couple of months and a series of Before-After pictures that speak volumes.

Reverse Bucket List: My Life is Awesome  
I love this post from Heidi – celebrating on all the amazing things that she has done in her life versus focusing only on the things that she hasn’t done yet. Such a great idea and perspective. And her life IS awesome.

Adult Children of Mom Bloggers Support Group 
So…what would happen if and when my kids find out about all the blog posts I’ve written about them? I can imagine this scene playing out in about ten plus years. Apologies to my kids in advance.

Taking Responsibility 
This was probably my favorite post all week. As readers of blogs, we have a responsibility to ourselves to recognize when something we read about in a blog post is negatively affecting us, our behavior, and our sense of self-worth. As readers, we have a responsibility to step away from those blogs that are not helping us live our lives in a positive way.


How has your week been? Is it freezing where you are? Do you use online fitness or yoga videos?



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