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Friday Round-Up: Strong

Posted Feb 08 2013 12:00am
nor'easter 2013

I woke up yesterday morning to this forecast. Fantastic. Over the course of the day, the forecast got worse and worse. Apparently, we are on the verge of major blizzard on the East Coast with record double digit snowfall.

So here’s the thing – my family and I were scheduled to fly out to California at 11am on Saturday – right in the middle of the nor’easter. Perfect timing. All winter, we have received no snow. Nada. My kids have been lamenting the fact that they haven’t been able to go sledding or build a snowman. Then, on the day that we’re supposed to travel, a freaking blizzard?!?

I have the worse travel + weather luck. Remember my epic road trip following Hurricane Sandy ? And how that was the second year in a row that my flights were cancelled following a hurricane and I had to drive home from Florida?

Note to all – never travel with me.

Since I didn’t feel like making a third epic weather-related road trip, I changed our flight. Hopefully, as you read this, I will be on an airplane flying west and escaping Snowmageddon 2013. Apparently the storm is named Nemo? Why?


Here’s this week’s Friday Round-Up. Each of these posts are written by strong and beautiful women. I apologize to the handful of male readers of this blog but there is a good dose of female empowerment and love in these posts.

Strong is NOT the new Sexy (My thoughts)
The saying “Strong is the new sexy” has been floating around for a little while now. It’s meant to encourage and empower women and to acknowledge that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. But does associating “strong” with “sexy” lessen the impact of the word “strong”? Do muscles have anything to do with sexiness? Should it and how does that impact our children?

Sometimes I just want to feel sexy
Carly wrote a post in response to Carla’s post. She makes a great point. We often treat categories as mutually exclusive when they aren’t in reality. Admit it – you work out not only to be healthy and fit but also to look good. I love how she defines sexy and all the different ways sexy can be manifested.

Beyonce’s unflattering photos were a good thing
Did you watch Beyonce Bowl, um, I mean the Super Bowl on Sunday night? I’ve never seen my Twitter feed fly so fast as it did during the Half Time Show. She put on an incredible performance and pretty much left all other half time shows in the dust. This week, her publicists were a wee bit upset because “unflattering” photos from the half time show were circulating around the internet. Ericka shares why she thinks it’s a good thing that these photos are making the rounds. The photos depict a real woman in the midst of putting on one hell of a show. They are not ugly, They are human and fierce.

A poem to my perfectly imperfect body
Erica shares this poem she wrote to her perfectly imperfect body. We often obsess over that perfect body and don’t take the time to appreciate how beautiful our own bodies are and all that they do for us day in and day out.

Monday Dare: That’s Mine Motherfucker
OK, excuse the language in the title but this was a great post. Every week, Elizabeth challenges herself to a Monday Dare. This week, she challenged herself to own it – own herself, her life and her power.


Are you ready for the snow? 


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