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Friday Round-Up: Live.Strong

Posted Jan 18 2013 12:04am

Supine Twist


So that picture above there? Yeah, that’s kind of how I’m feeling after almost a week with my husband away on a fun surf trip . DONE. Just need to make it through 2 more days. So let’s make this a short and sweet post.

Oh! I also had a chance to witness some amazing athletes in Times Square yesterday. Think mud, barbed wire, climbing ropes and flipping tires. I’ll have more on that this weekend so be sure to come back!

Lance Armstrong
Lots of folks are talking about Lance and his “will he/won’t he” admit to doping on Oprah. Did you watch the interview? I didn’t as I was busy escaping reality and watching Grey’s Anatomy. These are two my favorite posts that I’ve come across about the whole situation. Heather at Run Faster Mommy talks about why she will continue to wear her Livestrong bracelet and what it means to her. Gigi at Kludgy Mom wrote an Open Letter to Lance Armstrong . Each approaches the topic from a different perspective but both are extremely powerful.

No. 100: For Everyone Who Ever Accused Me of “Acting White”: Thank You
This post from Maribel at Food4ThoughtNYC captures all the messy and complicated feelings and thoughts around identity and culture growing up as a first-generation American. When you have one foot planted in one culture/world and the other foot planted in another culture/world, will you ever be enough?

doing hard
Seems like I’m not the only one who’s been struggling lately . I love this honest and open post from Jess at Pace of Me. She talks about how she faces and fights through her struggles by doing hard.

Stress Management for a Healthy Lifestyle
Speaking of stress, Melanie paints a picture that I know all to well – stressful situation + kids = negative impact on my eating. How do you manage stress?

What to Do with a Bad Pitch
OK, this post is totally unrelated the others above but it’s such a great post for all you bloggers out there both who want to and who currently do work with companies and brands. Shells tells you exactly what to do with that bad pitch.


Have you read any of these posts? Any good posts that I missed? What’s your take on the Lance Armstrong doping situation? 



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