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Friday Round-Up: Let’s be real

Posted Mar 22 2013 12:21am
prospect park

Morning light in Prospect Park

Oh Friday, it’s so nice to see you again.

Thank you all for all your amazing words and support earlier this week. It helped tremendously to share what was going on in my head with regard to my knee and surfing . While I know that it’s not something that I need to make a decision about right now, I remain convinced that there is a middle ground somewhere in there.

I’ve had my blinders on a bit this week, running mostly which has felt good. Except that I totally forgot about runger. I mean, come on, I’m not training at high mileage or anything at all yet I can’t seem to stop eating! I’m hungry all the time!


Let’s get to this week’s round-up, shall we?

An Honest Mistake? Or an Excuse? Lululemon’s See-Through Pants
I’m sure you’ve heard about the big Lululemon recall  (if not, check your rear! You might be exposing more than you thought!). Most coverage has talked about the impact this has on Lulu’s image and stock price and how Lulu is “doing right” by allowing customers to return the pants. However, Yoga in Heels brings up a great question: “Is this Lulu trying to cover up what was supposed to be a silent change in the quality of fabric?”

Try It Tuesday: Not Blogging
Blogging is a funny thing. Everyday occurrences turn into blog fodder. But does it have to?Sometimes, there is a benefit to pulling back and making something “only yours.” Where do you draw the line?

Why Your #NoExcuses Posts Make Me Crazy
You’ve seen the tweets and images captioned with “No Excuses,” right? These are supposed to motivate you off the couch and to go work out. But Carly has a really really great take on this whole trend and I totally agree with her.

How Yoga Teacher Training Has Changed My Practice
I’ve been reading about Caroline’s journey through yoga teacher training over the past couple of weeks. It’s interesting to hear how her personal yoga practice has changed through this experience.

Phantom Fat Bond Girl
I love reading Cat’s posts. Not only does she share amazing recipes sprinkled, she shares stories touched with humor and sarcasm that only she can bring together with her beautiful words. But this post? It might be one of my favorites of hers. Cat talks about how the ghost of her past still lingers in the present.

How was your week? Any signs of Spring where you are?


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