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Friday Round-Up: Christmas miracles

Posted Dec 14 2012 12:00am
Christmas tree

That picture right there? That kind of epitomizes my week. We finally got a Christmas tree over the weekend and the boys were so excited to put it up and decorate it. I dug out the Christmas lights and checked each strand to make sure that none of the bulbs were burned out before placing it on the tree.

Once I got the lights on the tree, the boys were gathered around in the dark for the magical moment. I plugged in the lights and…the top part of the tree wasn’t lit. I checked the bults and couldn’t find anything wrong. I fiddled with it. Nothing. I was resigned to the fact that I would probably to have to go to the store in the morning and buy a new strand of lights and re-string the lights on the tree. I felt like a total Christmas fail.

Except, later that night, as I was sitting on the couch doing some work, I looked up at the tree and the whole tree was lit up. A Christmas miracle! Either that or a Christmas ghost and I didn’t want to think about that since Ed was traveling for work and I was alone with the boys.

This week’s Friday Round-up posts all ask us to have a little bit of faith and to believe.

Reaching the Reluctant Reader: Jack Templar Monster Hunter Tour
As parents, we will go to great lengths to support our children and their development. This is an incredible story about how one father encouraged the love of reading in his sons. It’s really inspiring and he offers some great tips on supporting our children’s learning.

Reader Email: The body God wants me to have
I’m not a very religious person at all. However, this post by Lindsay, and its message that we each need to take care of our heart, really struck a chord with me.

The Miracle Race: Kona 2012
Harriet Anderson was the oldest female finisher of the 2012 Kona Ironman. That, in and of itself, is an incredible feat. But, the 2012 Kona Ironman was her 19th Ironman World Championship, earning her her tenth first place finish. She was the only woman in the 75-79 age group to complete the race. Oh, and she broke her clavicle less than two months before the race.

anymommy: embracing ridiculous
I’ll end with this post. I read it last Friday and I still laugh every time I think about it. Sometimes you really do just need to embrace the ridiculous in our lives.

Also don’t forget to check out Kierston’s #RecipeFriday link-up with lots of great recipes to try! I’ve linked up my quinoa sweet potato squash stew .

Have you have a holiday mishap this year yet? Do you believe in Christmas / Holiday miracles?


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