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Friday Night. Saturday Morning. Same Thing…

Posted May 26 2009 12:00am
How do we change facebook status to "engaged"?

How do we change facebook status to "engaged"?

It all started out innocent enough.  I headed out to Jaime’s house after work.  She had taken the early shift and I the late so she would be there when I got there.  As I was stuck in the most amazing Friday/Holiday Weekend traffic of all time, she texted me to see where I was because she and Scott were going to run some errands.  I told her she had plenty of time and that I’d call when I was parked.  One slow crawl down Addison later, I was parked in a spot pretty close to her house.  They were just getting back and said they’d run down because Scott needed to give me a pass and they needed to walk the dogs.  As soon as I got out of the car, Jaime wasted no time in showing me her new accessory on her ring finger.  Scott had just popped the question.  We all knew it was coming.  But we didn’t realize it would be that night…  The “errand” was running to Crate & Barrel to pick up a present for an upcoming wedding.  This was conveniently located next to the intersection where they had their first kiss.  In the rain.  (Yes, the gag reflex of how ridiculously adorable this is is completely normal).  So he got down on one knee.  She cried.  The ring is beautiful.  The two are meant to be together.  That’s how I met them and that’s how I will always know them.  And I couldn’t be happier for them!

So we had even more reason to celebrate.  But we had to eat first.  And I like when I eat with Jaime.  She makes sure I increase my cheese and grease consumption.  One of the reasons why I love her.  Scott probably enjoys that little factor as well.  Quesadillas from Ranalli’s.  It was a truly difficult decision being as how they make pretty much anything you will ever have a craving for.  Anything.  That and Jaime and Scott own an entire portfolio of carry-out menus.  They forgot to add the chicken to the chicken quesadillas, but I really didn’t mind too much being as how I was able to load them up with guacamole and salsa.  Yum… 

First stop of the night was the new Rockit that opened on Clark (they also have a River North location).  The bar area we were in was perfect- small and cozy feeling.  But still big enough to grab a table.  Perfect!  Cathryn and Rob (a guy we work with) met up with us there.  The alcohol started flowing pretty easily.  Cathryn said I could stay at her house so I could avoid the awkwardness of attempting to sleep through all the newly engaged excitement.  We decided to leave Rockit when Jaime and Scott decided to go home.  They turned down the street and Cathryn, Rob, and I continued on to Red Ivy.  It was pretty packed, but Cathryn and I pushed our way onto the dance floor.  Yeah, it was definitely that time.  We pouted a little when we discovered last call was at 2:00.  But Rob informed us of another bar.  This one didn’t close until 4:00.  Only problem was it was a bit of a hike.  We waited a few minutes for an empty taxi, but didn’t see any.  Then I saw the rickshaw.  Cathryn had reservations.  But we needed to dance and we needed to get there as soon as possible.  So the three of us jumped on.  Cathryn asked if she could “smoke inside” the rickshaw.  Awesome.  She also showed her new fantastic shoes to anyone we passed.   And I was pulling a Miss America by waving at anyone who looked.  Good times…  Until today I did not know the name of the 3rd bar we went to.  Couldn’t remember for the LIFE of me…  then someone said Big City and it all started coming back!  We got there and immediately hit the dance floor.  And danced until we couldn’t anymore.  Actually that’s a lie- we danced until they made us leave at 4:00.  Boo….

But you know what is a glorious thing at that time in the morning?  Watching the sun finish rising out of the window at IHOP.  As you finish a monster bacon omelette.  A-mazing.

Overcast, but still a beautiful view from Cathryn's balcony!

Overcast, but still a beautiful view from Cathryn's balcony!

We got back to Cathryn’s around 6:30ish.  I got to see the view from her balcony.  That is also amazing being as how she has a great view of the Lake from her high-rise.  We tried to go to bed.  But we were both at that point where we were so exhausted and slap happy that we were wired.  Coffee was also not a good choice at the restaurant.  I blame Cathryn on that one.  So we stayed up and giggled like 12-year old girls.  Not sure which one of us fell asleep first. 

The whole two hours of sleep I got at Cathryns did no good.  I’m pretty sure it actually contributed more to my feeling like crap.  I’m also pretty sure the doormen in Cathryn’s apartment think that she’s a lesbian as I chatted it up with them in the middle of my ”walk/taxi ride of shame” to Jaime and Scott’s apartment.  Either way, I made it back to Jaime’s one huge hot mess.  As soon as I walked in she handed me coffee and Visine.  After changing into clothes that hadn’t been worn for over 12 hours and getting some much needed java, I felt much better.  The three of us stumbled to Salt & Pepper Diner.  I just took down glass after glass of iced tea as the other two ate.  I was still pretty full from the omelette I had a few hours earlier.  Unfortunate- because Jaime’s turkey burger looked yummy.

After that, Jaime and Scott took me to buy my first official cubs shirt in Wrigleyville.  I’m going to a rooftop for an upcoming game and need to make sure I’m properly attired.  I found one at Sportsworld- right across from the field.  Success!  One more baby step towards becoming a true Chicago girl.  :)   Scott was also looking for something to get his nephew for an upcoming birthday.  I told him to get something he thought was really cute.  So then their kids could wear the hand-me-down’s.  Probably shouldn’t have said that.  Jaime’s eyebrow started to raise on that one.  I got her thinking again… uh oh!

As tired as I was the ENTIRE next day, I had so much fun.  I love my work family.  Those girls have quickly become some of my closest friends up here.  Good thing- somedays I really need them.  When I first moved up here, I had two job offers in one week (thank God because I really needed a job).  Needless to say, I think I chose the right one.  I’m one of few to be able to say that my first job out of college wasn’t a hellish experience.  Yea for me!

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