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Friday Links: Senior Moment

Posted Sep 14 2008 1:21pm


I read an inspiring story last month: 80-year-old Montanan Bob Hayes completed his 10th Le Grizz ultramarathon. That's 50 miles! There he is, training in the picture above (via The Missoulian ). It got me thinking about positive health-related news stories about seniors. So many of the senior health articles I read are about what can go wrong; what about what's great about getting older? Here are a few "senior moments" that made me smile.

Jane Gross asks, as the Baby Boomers age will we see more silver hair on the silver screen? If so, I hope that means more great roles for great older actresses.

According to a Swedish study, seniors having more sex than ever. Despite (or perhaps because of?) the advent of Viagra, women showed the greatest increase in satisfaction.

Also from Healthy Living, Regular Walking and Weight Training Helps Seniors Stay Young at Heart. This is a list of benefits of exercise for seniors; none of it is earth-shattering news, though it is motivating. Part two of the story has tips for a safe and effective workouts.

Did you know that the new middle age is the 60s? Maybe by the time I'm in my 60s the new middle age will be the 70s...

Microsoft makes a Senior PC. Seniors, do you think you really think you need your own kind of computer or are you just find on the regular models, thank you very much?

Speaking of senior moments, Senior Moment is a foundation dedicated to fulfilling wishes of senior citizens. What a fantastic idea!

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