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Friday Flowers: Whites

Posted Sep 22 2008 11:06am

White can be a most challenging colour to capture on a camera. Reflected light can quickly overexpose the object obliterating detail and shadow. Over the past couple of weeks I have purposefully looked for white and here are a few of the images.

Have you ever seen a moon garden? These gardens are designed to be enjoyed in the dim light of dusk and night time. White flowers are ideal for moon gardens. Popular annuals like petunias, impatiens and sweet alyssum can be used in borders or in pots. Many shrubs and perennial have white flowers that bloom at various times in the growing season. Some flowers close when the sun sets but night blooming flowers are often fragrant in order to attract moths and other insects.

There are many white wildflowers, the most abundant in our area being Queen Anne's Lace. It blooms throughout the summer months and attracts a variety of insects and butterflies.

The most common butterfly in local fields and gardens is the Cabbage White. It never stays in one place for long as it flits from flower to flower.

The mute swan was swimming in the waters of Lake Ontario. This bird often symbolizes purity, goodness and transformation in stories and folklore.

The following poem was written by a contemporary Indian writer from Bombay, John P. Matthew. His work is reproduced here through a creative commons license.
Is White a Color?
White, pristine, unblemished
They say it is not a color
I love white mists, clouds
Lingering on blue mountains.

White, no shades
No off white, cream
Pure as snow on shimmering peaks
Is my favorite sight.

Nurses, priests, politicians
Are bound, chained to white
White nebulous clouds
evoke deep nostalgic thoughts.

They swaddled my father in white
As he lay in the black coffin
His best shirt was white
His loin cloth was white.

The paper I write is white
White is holy, pure
They say light is white
Because it combines all colors.

So white is the mother of all colors
The churning of all yellow, blue, green
Colors sacrifice their egos
To the eternal white.

They say they are "white"
The purest of all races
I think they aren't white
But pink, beige and red.

Why can't colors of people
Merge and become white
Would people called "white"
Allow their color to merge?

Is white a color?
The matriarch of all colors
The fountain of all extent colors
Yes, king white reigns supreme!

John Matthew

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