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Friday (Fives) Lovin’

Posted Sep 30 2011 2:32pm

Happy Friday everyone! Is it just me or did this week fly by?! Not that I’m complaining, but I really do love those weeks that wizz on by and before you know it the weekend is upon us :)

So my Friday Lovin’ post is a lil different this morning…I saw my lovely friend Shanna post a fun survey this morning that’s going around the blog world and right away I knew I wanted to do it too!

So without further ado…here we go!

Last five people I talked to on the phone: (Like Shanna, this was hard for me too since I never talk on the phone – when you think about it that’s kinda weird?! lol!)
1. My hubby – which is rare since we’re always texting but he needed a question answered asap!
2. My boss
3. A telemarketer at work – I get about 99.5% of calls from them at work!
4. Nubi Yogurt to see what their flavors were (Yes I call in advance to make sure they have a flavor I like, otherwise I won’t go ;) )
5. My mom and dad

Last five meals I ate:
1. My second breakfast this morning at 9:30am – Smoothie with 1 cup 2% milk, Sunflower Butter,1 frozen banana, and puffins
2. My first breakfast this morning at 4:30am – Kashi Go Lean cereal with milk
3. Last night’s dinner – Turkey and hummus sandwich on sourdough bread with a side salad
4. Last night’s dessert – Prunes dipped in Skippy Natural Crunchy Peanut Butter
5. Yesterday’s lunch – Fage yogurt with Peanut Butter Puffins, banana, and side salad

Last five places I’ve traveled:
1. Lake Tulloch for 4th of July weekend
2. Jamaica for a wedding
3. San Diego for my wedding and honeymoon
4. New York – hubby’s hometown and I met his family and friends for the first time! :)
5. Lake Tahoe

Next five places I will go:
1. Yummi Yogurt to get fro yo with a friend/old coworker of mine
2. Equinox Gym for tomorrow’s spin workout!
3. Trader Joe’s
4. San Francisco (next Saturday for the Hornblower Cruise with the Blue Angels during Fleet Week!)
5. The dentist :(

Last five workouts 1. 30 min. elliptical, 20 min. weights routine and abs (this morning)
2. 30 min. treadmill walk (yesterday)
3. 30 min. elliptical (Wednesday)
4. 25 min. yoga (Tuesday – ExerciseTV with Chris Fretag)
5. 3 mile walk (Sunday for our Anniversary in San Francisco to and from the Ferry Building and Train Station)

Five things making me happy right now:
1. Emails back and forth with my mother-in-law about the fun (and yummy food we’ll eat!) we’ll have together when hubby and I go back to his hometown in New York this November for Thanksgiving!
2. It’s Friday! And I got my first pumpkin at the grocery store this morning…it’s a decorative one too, so cute!
3. A compliment I got from a friend I ran into this morning at said grocery store – he said “Wow, you look so happy!” (He knew me during my disordered eating/underweight days so this comment has a special meaning to it and hearing this from him was really sweet)
4. Hubby got a brand new truck! (An amazing deal was going on at our Chevy dealership…basically he traded in his old Tahoe for a brand spankin’ new truck with the most amazing warranty and free oil changes for a lifetime!)
5. I get to spend the weekend with the hubby…just relaxing and making babies ;)

Thanks Shanna for the fun survey! And I hope you all enjoyed getting to know a lil bit more about me ;)

Though I did the survey, I gotta also share a couple goodies from Trader Joe’s that have to make this Friday Lovin’ post…

Sunflower Seed Butter and Pumpkin Cream Cheese?!! Yes pleaseeeee! I have big plans of putting some of that cream cheese on my pumpkin bagels, ooooh yeaaaa ;)

And I’m lovin’ this new song by Rihanna…have you heard it? The music video isn’t out yet and this is all I could find…great beat and song to workout to!

Happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!

Questions: What’s making you happy right now?

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