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Friday Five & Vitamin A

Posted Mar 16 2012 7:19am
It's Friday! You're probably dreaming of the weekend! Are you? Since my work fluctuates and I actually mostly work on the weekends, the weekdays are my weekends.  That may be confusing... What's not confusing, however, is a simple list of things I love this week.  Read on my friends.

1. Vitamin of the Week - Vitamin A

I love nutrition and sharing nutrition knowledge.  I thought it might be an educating idea to included 1 vitamin a week to discuss.  There's so much to know in the world of nutrition...and so much confusing marketing out there. The truth can get lost.  
This Friday let's take a look at Vitamin A .

  • Functions - Vitamin A is essential to healthy eyes, cell differentiation (through gene expression), reproduction, and immunity.
  • Sources - Pumpkin, sweet potato, collards, and kale round out your top sources with over 700 RAE. Whole milk and eggs are also good sources. Liver is off the charts with 8,026 RAE...if you're interested!
    • 10 raw baby carrots will give you 690 RAE.
    • Animal sources of Vitamin A are better absorbed by your body.
  • Daily needs - (Vitamin A comes in different forms with Retinol being the most useable, because of this daily needs are measured in RAE [retinol activity equivalents]) Men - 900 micrograms RAE. Women - 700 micrograms RAE
  • Vitamin A is also an antioxidant.
  • Vitamin A is a fat-soluble vitamin meaning it needs dietary fat to be properly absorbed. They are also stored in your body unlike water-soluble vitamins.

Or Fitness Loves of the Week. If you're looking for a wonderful world of workouts then check out Lindsay's page each Friday.  I shared our March Madness workout .

3. Crockpots

I've used my crock pot twice this week and I'm happy every time.  
I made a whole roast chicken with lemons and red potatoes. I had to work at night, so Kyle had a great meal when he came home.  I also made my favorite turkey chili. Kyle thinks it's too hot for chili, but it makes such good leftovers that I keep coming back to it.

4. Amazon

Amazon stands for addiction.  I bought 4 things on Amazon this week.  FOUR! The rundown: EAS Lean Protein meal replacement shakes, another BPA free water bottle for Kyle, a screen porch repair kit, and a hidden kitty litter box.  Is there a support group for this?

5. Love

Who doesn't love LOVE? Valentine's Day may be gone, but I'm a sucker for a good romance. The Atlanta Braves play their Spring Training games at Disney, so I've been doing announcing for some of the games.  This week I "helped" Jake Murphy (son of Braves legend Dale Murphy) get engaged. Check out the video...I'm the voice & the one in the hat.

I hope you all have a great St. Patrick's Day.  I work a baseball game that afternoon and I have a race to announce at 6am on Sunday so we have no big plans.  I'll be wearing some green though!

What's on your radar this week?

Love and pots of gold,
Carissa & Kyle

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