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Friday Five ~ Focus on Gluten!

Posted Sep 16 2011 5:00am

Happy Friday 5 Day!!! So excited that many of you are as into Pinterest as I am now!



Medicine Ball Inchworm

From Women’s Health Magazine:

Don’t let the name fool you: This move is not easygoing. The baby steps torch your hamstrings and calves, while your arms and shoulders are constantly at work. And the farther your feet get from your hands, the harder your core has to work to keep you stable.

To do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and lean forward, knees slightly bent, to place both hands on a four- to six-pound medicine ball on the floor (a). Slowly walk your feet away from your hands until your body is in a straight line from head to heels (b). You should move about an inch or two with each step. Hold for one second, then walk your feet back to the starting position. That’s one rep; do 10.

[recycled oldie but amazing]


Gluten-Free Living

Are you or someone you know following a gluten-free diet? Been recently diagnosed with Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity ? Did you know that The Gluten Free diet is one of the hardest diets to follow?

I have many friends and a few clients that felt totally lost and blindsided when they realized that gluten wasn’t agreeing with them. One of my clients suffers from MS and has found that cutting gluten out of his diet has helped him tremendously [more on that in a future post].

There are also many people that are suffering from some of the key symptoms associated with food allergies and don’t know it! If you think you may have a food allergy, definitely go see a doctor and get some tests.  For those of you that are already living gluten-free or are trying just know, GF living doesn’t have to be impossible!

 Top 5 Reasons for Gluten-Free Failure:

1) Boring Food.  For obvious reasons, you can’t just eat rice all day.  It’s totally unhealthy to only eat one thing to sustain good health.  This will guarantee that you cheat on your diet if you even stay on it at all.

2) Dining Out = Epic Fail.  The most popular question I get is “Jen, how on earth do I dine out Gluten Free with friends and family?”  Whether you’re afraid to order for yourself, don’t know what questions to ask or simply assume that the grilled chicken with steamed veggies is Gluten Free, gluten contamination (or the fear of it) definitely cramps your ability to have a social life.

3) Hidden Gluten.  Chances are you’re still eating gluten somehow.  It’s scary how massively extensive the list of products are that use gluten in their make up and I’m not even talking about food!  This alone can be a huge reason why you’re still having trouble.

4) Costly to be Gluten Free

If you’re buying lots of gluten-free pre-made food products, you’ll find that your grocery bill is MUCH higher than before.  Unfortunately, producing gluten-free products can be quite costly and the ingredients may be harder and more expensive to source.  And it’s entirely possible that some companies see an opening to charge higher prices because it’s a specialty market.  Lots of people can’t handle the burden, so they give up.

5) Nobody’s On Board

Your friends and family all give you the stink eye when you say that you’re gluten-free.  People claim that it’s all in your head.  You’ve got little to no support from anyone in life because it’s seen more as a challenge to their normal way of eating than a helpful way to improve your health.  Eventually, you get frustrated and tired of the comments and go back to eating the way that everyone else does because you can’t deal with the hassle of it all anymore.

Sure there’s plenty of books and websites intended to inform you, but only add on to your confusion and frustration. What they don’t tell you is that simplicity is your the best option (and I’m not talking about only eating brown rice).

If you missed my friend, Jennifer Fugo’s FREE teleclass on 5 ways gluten sneaks into your diet , you can catch a replay on Monday 9/19 @ 7pm. She is also hosting a FREE Q&A session on  Tuesday 09/20 at 7pm EST.  Check them out and see if her gluten-free bootcamp is right for you! This is all part of her new Gluten Free School .

Jennifer definitely knows her stuff. I highly recommend hearing what she has to say. I’m going to call her the Gluten-Free Guru! Coming from an Italian family where bread and pasta were dietary staples, Jennifer has made not only made the best of her situation…she thrives!


Did you know that chocolate often times contains gluten!? Yet another way gluten can sneak into your diet. I am not gluten-free but like I said above know friends and clients that are. My supportive nature tells me to help clients and loved ones find yummy treats that they can still enjoy…avoiding  things that their bodies will hate them for.

After hearing so much about NibMor through Jennifer , I wanted to give it a try. While I was at Whole Foods the other day and I noticed they were fresh on the shelves!

^I am all about that!

Um…don’t mind if I do!

I LOVE the taste of cacao. Not too sweet, not too bitter….just right. I was completely satisfied with the 2 squares above.

Have you ever tried NibMor chocolate?

Did you know that you had to be on the lookout for gluten when eating one of the worlds best foods?




Most. Adorable. Couple. Ever.

They didn’t know they were filming!

Grandpa gets a webcam. Classic.

Many of you probably saw this all over CNN and the news yesterday. I saw it on Kathy Lee and Hoda-woman. SO so so so cute. And hilarious. If you haven’t seen it, click away below. If you have…watch it again. It gets better every time ;-)




What’s you favorite workout move this week?

Thoughts/experience on gluten allergies/ sensitivities?

Any fun weekend plans??



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