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Friday Five ~ Faux Pas & Prenatal Exercise

Posted Jan 07 2011 2:00am


Staying active during your pregnancy is one of the BEST ways to keep you and baby healthy! The benefits include increased circulation, increased energy, less water retention, reduced stress, minimized stretch marks and less abdominal separation.  Regular exercise during pregnancy may also ease the difficulty of labor!

Women with a healthy pregnancy should include low impact aerobics, strength training, flexibility training, prenatal yoga and safe core exercises. Remember, exercise at a safe pace, pay attention to your bodies need, and ALWAYS stay properly hydrated and fueled. As important as this is for regular people during a workout, it is ESPECIALLY important when you are pregnant women!

Here are 5 types of exercise to add into your prenatal program:

Kegal Exercises Strengthening these muscles during pregnancy can help you develop the ability to control your muscles during labor and delivery. Toning all of these muscles will also minimize two common problems during pregnancy: bladder leaks and hemorrhoids.

Low Impact Cardio/ Aerobics -such as Elliptical, Walking, even Jogging if you were doing it regularly before you got pregnant. I continue to do low impact aerobic exercise on the elliptical (which I love) and treadmill (as much as I hate that contraption). My pace may of slowed down, but I still get in a good 30 minutes at LEAST 3 times per week!

Strength Training Weight training strengthens your muscles and helps you build stamina, which you’ll need during labor and delivery.  I still do strength training exercises for each muscle group. As I have progressed in my pregnancy, I avoid anything that requires too much balancing, exercises on my back, and anything that involves twisting or movements that could compromise my posture.

Prenatal Yoga I LOVE my prenatal yoga class, Nicole is such a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor! She has given each student a sheet of the guidelines during each trimester. A  few of the exercises that she recommends to support a strong body for labor and pregnancy are:

Warrior II & Extended Side Angle Pose

-strengthens the lower body

Bound Angle Pose (we perform with blocks under our thighs) & Yogic Squat

-groin and hip opening

There is NOTHING like taking a class with an amazing instructor to guide you, especially when you’re pregnant!

Swimming swimming is an excellent way to strengthen your body during pregnancy without compromising your joints. The water can be very soothing as well!

Things to AVOID during pregnancy:

Rigorous bouncing

Arching your back

Poor posture

Lying on your back after the 20th week

Muscle Strain

Check out more guidelines on American

**always check with your personal health care provider before starting a new exercise program. Especially during pregancy.


1. Brussels Sprouts

I LOVE roasting these with some pine nuts! Yum! Check out this recipe :-)

2. Broccoli Raab


sauteed with some garlic and olive oil…heaven!

3. Sweet Potatoes

Baked, roasted, cinnamon topped goodness. Need I say more?

4. Leeks
I ADORE a good winter Potato & Leek Soup. Check out my recipe here !

5. Carrots source

I have always, and will always adore carrots. They are nothing too special, but they sweeten up my juice and brighten up my day :-)

I didn’t forget about butternut squash! That’s probably one of my favorites! If I could add a 6th, that would be it!


Adapted from Money Talk News

1. A VHS tape? What’s That? Video tapes are already a thing of the past. They will pretty much be extinct by the time my baby goes to elementary school.

2. Encyclopedias: My mom had A-E for me when I was a kid, LOL. I remember writing all about “bats” from the ‘B’ edition. With the internet today, buying at a book that was outdated by the time the salesman was at your door is ancient history.

3. Books, magazines, and newspapers: The Kindle, NY Times Online, Shape Fitness Online. Who wants to stock up on all that paper? I still LOVE my paper book collection, but the next generation will probably have more space in their homes.

4. Forgotten friends: With facebook and social networking you will never forget a face or a name. That kid from 3rd grade math class will be one of 792 friends you see on your news feed.

5. CDs: Who wants to buy a CD when you can download music online onto your ipod (or whatever contraption the future will hold). Records, Cassettes  and CD’s are all things that will make us dinosaurs  to the next generation.

to see other things kids of 11′ won’t know, read more here !


source 1. My Grey Slouchy Slipper socks from Victorias Secret!

2. My Kitchen Aid Mixer!

3.  Tripod for my Camera

4. A New Hot Tools Curling Iron -that I bought for myself ;-)


5. Prenatal Music and Heart Listener ———————————————————————


I was so happy to hear how many of you forgive grammatical errors on blogs. I agree. A blog is YOUR personal space where you can write what you want, make errors, and let your passion shine through. My grammar may not always be perfect. My passion and sincerity will ALWAYS be there though!!!

As much as your blog IS YOUR personal space to do with what you want….there ARE a few no-no’s in the blog world. A certain amount of etiquette should be practiced:

1. Copying a recipe from another blogger without giving them credit. There are times I may “adapt” a recipe from another blog, or I will try something that someone posted.  I make sure to ALWAYS link that person!  If I copied the recipe to the tee,  I’ll often times just link it, not re-post. That blogger worked hard on their creation, and they deserve the recognition for it. Bottom Line: Always give credit where credit is due. No Link=Not cool.

2. PERSONAL ATTACKS As I said above–your blog is YOUR personal space. I would never go to your space and attack you. If you don’t have anything nice to say, or do not like what a person has to write or their views, there’s an X at the top right corner of your browser window. Click on it!

I was appalled to hear stories about some of the negative comments fellow bloggers receive sometimes DAILY! Haters need to back off.

3. “Fake” Comments Sometimes new bloggers go from blog to blog leaving general, generic comments to generate traffic. They sound flattering, such as “This is my first time here. I ADORE  your blog! Adding you to my RSS feed! Check out my site” (Followed by a link to their site.) A lot of times that may be genuine, but more often you will see that SAME comment on 5 other blogs from the same person. I have left comments like that when I truly MEANT it before,  along with a more personal message. I like to show the person I actually READ their blog to show I am sincere. I can understand not having a lot of time to comment, or even read through a persons ENTIRE post. Blogging is VERY time consuming. I DO like to make it as personal as I can when I comment, though, even if I only had time to “speed read” a post.

Bottom Line: Try not to leave  something generic that could be left for any post at any time. This is a common, forgivable mistake for new bloggers. Especially when you are being “fake” AND coming on too strong to promote yourself. The blog community is about making personal connections with people. Authenticity shines through :-)

4. Fact Check Again, your blog is YOUR personal space to do what you want with. However, if you post false or mis information about a subject, or worse, a person, you have to live with the fact that you are putting out “incorrect” information for the world to read. Not to mention “slander.” There is a difference between opinion and facts. Dates, data, history, etc…they are all facts. When it comes to an approach on diet, exercise, etc, that can be opinion or point of view. You can do what you want with that, it’s just not cool to  express your opinion as the “end all be all.”

5. Copying content word for word without permission or credit Going back to number 1. You should ALWAYS give other bloggers credit for their work. You should NEVER copy and paste content word for word without permission. I wouldn’t mind if someone added a snippet of a post, with a link to mine, but copying an entire article that someone else wrote is not cool. ESPECIALLY if you do not give them credit for it.

If you want to laugh, check out Christina’s Food Faux Pas on Hungry Meets Healthy . I thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I got a good lesson on hummus ;-)


BIG thanks to you all for the comments and emails about yesterdays grammar nazi post ;-)

I feel kind of silly even making an entire post out of one measly comment. The truth is, my grammar faux pas (word of the day, anyone?) were the big elephant on my blog that I knew I had to address one time or another. I honestly don’t think I am THAT bad…but I know things come through often that I miss. I would always need another set of eyes to have a “perfectly” written post. I am glad you are all able to forgive me for writing how I speak sometimes. My passion will always take precedent over my grammar ;-)


Chat with me:

What are your weekend plans?

What do you consider “blogging faux pas?”

Favorite winter veggie?

Have a FANTASTIC weekend!!!!!



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