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Friday Favorites- Foodie Edition

Posted Sep 30 2011 6:41pm

Woot Woot, tis Friday :)

Well, it’s safe to say I couldn’t have been more pleased with the discussion that ensued regarding yesterday’s post. Not only did you all allow me to NOT feel like the cruelest person in the world, but you also offered helpful tips, strategies and thoughts on how we can all stop the habit. Although most people admitted to judging others, it seems we do it for the wrong reasons, and it’s another habit that I am going to actively work on changing. Judging goes along with my own insecurities, my lack of self-worth, and general discomfort with myself, so there it is, just another piece of the puzzle that recovery is. So my friends, thank you for you input, this community never ceases to comfort and amaze me :)

And since it is Friday, it’s time to tell you about some current favorites of mine!

Today I was thinking about what I wanted to display on the ole blog for this special day of the week, and it seems that only food-related items came to mind… hence Friday Favorites- Foodie Edition (for the most part!). As I say each time I start one of these kinds of posts, I truly love putting these together because it gives me the chance to reflect on things I am currently enjoying, am looking forward to, new products, happy memories, whatever… they are all favorites!

1.) The contents of my refridgerator in my dorm room.

I am showcasing this because there are not too many college students I know with a refrigerator stocked like this. I would say the only “normal” thing I have i here is the three Bud Light Limes I have on the top shelf (it’s fine I am 21!) :) .

  • Also on that shelf are my various nut butters, cottage cheese, vitamin water, PUMPKIN.
  • Second shelf- blueberries, strawberries, and about 12 containers of different flavors of Greek yogurt. Olympus (2%!) , my most favorite kind EVER, was on sale at Whole Foods yesterday, 10 for 10 bucks! I hard core stocked up.
  • Bottom shelf- Honey Crisps! No other apple belongs in my presence until these bad boys are out of season :)
  • On the door I also have milled flax seed, vanilla soy milk, and grapes (not pictured)

My friends always get a kick out of seeing the inside of my fridge, just the way I like it :)

2.) This new cereal I bought the other day.

Mini Wheats have always had a special place in my heart. When I was younger and had cereal for almost every meal, Original Mini Wheats were a popular choice for about 2 straight years, and then Blueberry Muffin became part of the menu. Sadly when my disordered eating slowly took over my life, I completely stopped eating cereal, natural, healthy, sugary…it didn’t matter, no kinds were allowed. Although cereal remains to be a slight “fear food” of mine (because of the fear of not being able to stop munching on it) I do enjoy pretty much every kind out there, and I am sick of depriving myself of such a child hood love!

Now I do keep cereal in my room and try new ones every so often. Not only to shake things up, but to prove to myself that I can keep food like this around me and everything will be just fine. And this is where “Fruit in the Middle” comes in! Goodness gracious these are tasty- the classic sugary coating is as delicious as every, except they are taken to a whole new level of an explosion of fruity flavor in the middle (duh). They are pretty sweet so if you don’t like too-sweet stuff, I would stay away… although that is something I will never understand, nothing is too sugary in my book :)

3.) I am hanging on to summer fruit as long as I can… a notion which persuaded me to buy some strawberries the other day at Big Y. When I opened the pint, there it was, the LARGEST strawberry I have ever seen! It was a rather perfect strawberry too… juicy, sweet and not mushy at all. These sort of finds really excite me, I swear I have more interesting things going on in my life ;-)

4.) How my hoarding of free stuff leads me to stashes like this… courtesy of the volunteers from my half-marathon this past Saturday!

Yes my friends, those are all mini Clif bars (I threw in the Maple one for size comparison)! First of all, I love anything mini, and second, I truly enjoy the taste of Clif bars… especially these flavors! That one White Chocolate one is being saved for a special occasion haha. I have never tasted the Mojo ones, but I am intrigued by those as well. Yay for hoarding!

So these last few things aren’t excactly food-related… but I want to mention them anyway :)

5.) I am currently taking a part-online/part-lecture Communications course titled, “Gender, Sex, and Representation.” I mean, could I be taking a more intriguing class (well for me anyway)? This is one of the few times in my college career that I have genuinely wanted to sit down and listen to what the professor has to say, sans distractions. I am learning so much from this course and just wow, some of the ideas and thoughts that are being brought up are just….gah, I have so much I want to say about this! For another time though, it needs its own post.

6.) In a few hours, I am driving to Northampton for dinner to meet a long-lost absolute best friend from my childhood. I used to live in the Western MA but moved to the Northshore when my parents got divorced when I was 7. At that age I was excited for the move, but leaving my friend was quite difficult. Her and I go way back, playing together pretty much every day we could, and any game you can imagine. One subject/game/idea in particular we were both keen on was The Lion King!

It was released when we were both 6 and it quickly became our favorite movie. Not only would we watch it (VHS baby), but we also played “Lion King” constantly. I am going to tell you guys something…. my imaginary friends were lions! They were always the girl lions too, I thought Nala was so pretty!

She is DEFINITELY trying to Seduce Simba right here! Just sayin.

So anyway, we were going to see The Lion King in 3D but we both realized that we desired to actually chat with each other. We figured the other people in the theater would most likely not appreciate us attempting to catch up during the movie. It’s been nearly 5 years since I have seen her, but she is one of those friends you can just pick up the relationship from where it was left off…if that makes any sense. I just cannot wait for tonight!

7.) Tomorrow I am going APPLE PICKING with my dad! Weee I cannot wait, it’s my favorite fall activity! Plus Papa is a wonderful guy :D

I also requested we go to a corn maze that we have to fight find our way through. These kind of remind me of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when the four champions have to enter the maze for the Third Task… but not as cool. Although if I see a sphynx, misty stuff that turns you upside down,  fellow champions who are controlled and try to kill me, huge spiders and a portkey trophy... well I will know what to do! If you don’t see me the rest of the weekend, I got lost in the depths of the corn maze.

To say that I like the Harry Potter series would be an understatement, I am obsessed as a several people on this earth are :)

Lot’s of good stuff

1.) Are the contents of your fridge similar to mine? If you are no longer in school, what kind of items did you keep stocked?

2.) Have you tried any new cereals lately? Please share, I am seriously always on the lookout for new and tasty options!

3.) What is your favorite Disney Movie? I hope you know which one mine is by now :)

4.) What would you say your level of “hoarding-ness” is when it comes to free stuff? I can’t seem to help myself.

5.) Please share your plans for the weekend!

Have a lovely Friday night m’dears :D

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