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Friday Favorite: Good Deeds

Posted Sep 21 2012 1:14pm
Happy Happy FRIDAY!

Today is officially the last day of the summer season. Wow where has the time gone?

Anyways, I came across an article the other day about a women who was soon to be turning 30. In her mind, turning 30 was the dreaded number. For weeks she dreaded the coming day until finally she stopped herself and thought she should change her thinking.

She realized that turning a year older was not necessarily a bad thing. She’s healthy, she has a great family, has accomplished a lot of the things she had always wanted for why was she feeling so down?

She soon came to realize that maybe she was working so hard for herself that she needed to take a step back and make more of an effort to help others.

She came up with the idea of doing some good deeds for others. Since she was turning 30, why not do 30 good deeds?

This article really stuck in my mind because of the impact it must have had on the people she was helping. She spent his 30th Birthday doing 30 good deeds for others. I was totally in awe. What a great way to spend a birthday. Just getting that satisfaction from seeing your help impact others must have been the best present to herself.

After reading this, I really wanted to get up a do all the good deeds I could do in one day. I was ready to go..but couldn’t think of  many. So I’ve decided to do a little research, ask my readers and make an effort to be conscious of what I can do to help out others.

Join me. Take this Friday and reflect on your summer, year, etc. What have you done for others that have helped you feel satisfied? Maybe doing one nice thing a day for someone can not only make their day better but yours as well.

Have a wonderful weekend and if you have any ideas for a good dead, please leave a comment below! I’ll dedicate a post to doing all of your recommended good deeds :)  

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