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Friday Dance –> Friday Run

Posted Jan 29 2010 1:10pm

North Carolinians notoriously overreact to snow storm warnings.You’d think the apocalypse was coming the way some people talk. I usually ignore all the talk until I actually see snow on the ground. After hearing countless and countless reports of all the snow coming, I decided maybe I should give the weatherman at least a little credit. There’s definitely something coming, and it’ll be cold.  We’re under a storm warning until 12am Sunday already, and they’ve already closed the public schools for the day. (Now that’s ridiculous)

It got me thinking about what the conditions at the park might be on Sunday for my long run. It takes forever to get roads cleared simply because they don’t have a lot of equipment to handle big snows.

So I did my long run today. Better to plan ahead and not need to, than wait and have to miss it. I did 7.14 miles in 1:15.28. Oops it was supposed to be 6!! Oh well :) 10:32 a mile, not too much slower than me trying to go fast yesterday, haha. Funny how differently runs can go from day to day. This is officially the longest distance I’ve run since 2001!!

I wasn’t really hungry after my run, but eating is important! I had a double protein packed fajita!

I chopped up some leftover barbeque chicken with onions and peppers, and put it in a wrap with some refried beans and spinach. Yum-o! I think I’ll have a snack or another mini lunch when I warm up and get hungry!! My hands are still frozen :)

fajita fajita wrap

When you push yourself to go faster or longer, where do you feel it first- your lungs, your legs, or something else? I’d say for me it’s  my joints first!! I’m like an old lady ;)

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