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Friday 5k Five

Posted Apr 12 2013 9:52am
Are you so happy it’s Friday? I like Friday,so I can share my Friday Five and delight your minds with five totally random things from my week.  Who’s psyched?

Grumpy cat.
1. Minnie
Speaking of cats, I wanted to give Minnie and all you cat lovers a little blog loving.
Yes, we allow Minnie to sit on the counter.  I don’t think it’s so much “allow”, but if I put her down she gets right back up. Plus she has to hide from our other cat “the cloud”.
Minnie looks hungry, because she looks hungry 99% of the time and she actually does like spinach and asparagus.

2. Tempo Runs
If you are training for a race (any distance) and don’t do tempo runs, then you should start.  I wrote a How-To Tempo post too.  I wanted to do 3 “faster” miles to help boost my confidence for my 5k this weekend.  I started out with a slow mile and then pushed for 3 miles.  My tempo miles were 8:24, 8:24, and 8:00.  The last mile was uphill and I had to dig deep.  So deep that the last cool down mile was the worst of my entire run.
Before & After
3. 5k
Speaking of running, I’m running the Windermere 5k on Saturday!  I am way more excited than one should be for a 5k.  I have actually only run 1 timed 5k in my running career.  My “PR” is from a RunDisney fun run, Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5k , so I can’t really count it. Other than that my PR is 26:32 an 8:32 average pace.
Do I have a goal?  Heck yes! To beat my husband’s PR which is 25:32.  You’re on baby!  My dream big PR would be to break 25 minutes, but I’m not sure I have that in the ole legs ‘n lungs. 

I have heard that the course is unpaved and crowded.  I’ve also heard that when you believe in yourself you can fly on the gilded wings of angels.  Ask me on Sunday and one of those things will be true.

4. Avocado
I have had a lot of avocado in my life this week and I am down with that.  Avocado is a food that I think we should all have 3 times a week. It’s full of cholesterol lowering monounsaturated fats and good vitamins like folate that are needed for red blood cell production.  I also recently read a study that suggested that the antioxidants in other foods are absorbed better when eaten with avocado.

Wednesday night’s dinner was a chicken salad with strawberries, asparagus, avocado, and goat cheese with a  homemade Dijon mustard dressing. See above photo of bad cat behavior which features said salad.

5. Next Time Try Not Wearing a Bra
Really? A French study suggested that young girls should not wear bras and that it will help strengthen their chest muscles. Ron Burgundy and college males every where are delighted by the news.

I also want to thank the Mickey Miles Podcast crew for having me on their podcast to talk all things RunDisney.   Give a listen for some inside Disney talk and follow them for great RunDisney podcasts.

Do you wear a bra?
Did you eat an avocado this week?
Are you racing this weekend?

Love and saggy what?
Carissa & Kyle
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