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Friday 5: Five exercises you typically don't see at the gym

Posted Apr 06 2012 3:24pm
No. I didn't run my five miles for today. But I did make five videos as I said I would last week . Promises are promises!

Anyway. You should know by now that I despise making videos of myself so I try to keep them as short as possible. So here's another post with me spelling everything out instead of talking on camera.

And on a related note, am I the only one who skips the talking and goes straight to the demo while watching videos?

No? That's what I thought. Now for that Friday Five....

This week I'm featuring five different exercises you don't typically see at the gym. When I'm at the gym, I see people doing the normal weight routines that we're all used to seeing. So I'm always excited to share something new and hope to see people switching it up with stuff like this. And these happen to be a few of my faves as well so I'm super stoked about this Friday Five...even if I look silly in all of my videos.

First up,

1. Upper Body Twists
What it works: Your shoulders, abs, triceps, obliques
What you do:  Get into a reverse plank position with your palms on the ground facing your back. Lift your arms and twist to your side. Repeat on both sides
Reps: 20 on each side

2. Overhead Crossover Lunges
What it works: Legs, shoulders, glutes, abs...pretty much everything.
What you do: Get into a forward lunge position while holding a weight over head. Lunge backward and bring your foot behind you, making sure your knees don't go over your toes.
Reps: 20 on each leg

Ignore the inside joke between the hubs and I. I can be really awkward at times.

3. Pushups with Plank Twists
What it works: Your chest, shoulders, back, abs, obliques
What you do: Get into a pushup position, perform a push, come back up and bring your knee to the side. Perform on the other side. Easy peesy!
Reps: 20 on each side

4. Atomic Situp
What it works: Your abs and lower body. BAM!
What you do: Peform a sit up, then stand using your legs while lifting the weight above your head. Go back into the sit up position and repeat.
Reps: 3 sets of 10

I did these with our 20lb plate since I had already gotten quite the workout in but try challenging yourself doing these with heavier weights. They'll hurt so good!

5. Crunch Cycle...brought to you by my lovely hunk of a hubs!
What it works: Your abs. They will burn. Learn to love it.
What you do: pulsing V-ups, pulsing crunches with your legs up in the air, crunches with your legs on the ground, baby crunches.
Reps: 50 of each crunch, rest for a few minutes then repeat 2-3 more times. If you can handle it.

And yes, I am really that affectionate with my baby. There is not a day that goes by where he doesn't receive at least a million kisses ;)

One last thing before I head out to enjoy the weekend with my boys...what do you do when you're out of oatmeal and your female cravings kick in for oatmeal?

Make paleo "oatmeal"! (And no. I'm not going Paleo. No diet restrictions here, folks.)

I got the recipe here , added some cacao nibs and coconut and am happy to report that not only did the hunk and I enjoy this immensely, but it also got rave reviews from my girl Heather who also tried this recently. Great minds ;)

Have a great Easter weekend all! Remember the reason for the season :)

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