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Posted Sep 03 2009 11:26am


canteloupe half, soaked steel-cut oats, walnuts, Sonny' s mom' s homemade strawberry preserves

My quest for freshness (and to rid myself of skin allergies) has fun this summer! Let’s take a mini-tour of some of the culinary experiments . . .


sprouted quinoa, zucchini, carrot, walnuts, and homemade salsa

I rarely make quinoa because I’m too impatient to boil things . . . I like to throw dinner components in a bowl together and be done! But soaking it overnight and sprouting it is so easy: just cover quinoa with water, leave it overnight, then drain off the water in the morning and let it sit in the fridge all day. And it gives me amazing energy!!


green smoothie: TONS of fresh baby spinach, banana, hempseed, ice

Green smoothies are my very favorite blogworld discovery. I love greens, but don’t always feel like chewing my way through a whole salad, and these smoothies are a fantastic way to “sneak” them in. It’s amazing to me how well the banana masks the spinachy flavor!


kale salad with sprouts, olives, brazil nuts, a little tempeh, hummus and barbeque sauce (with a halved peach on the side)

I first read about the “humbeque” combination on HEAB, but I think it originated on Eating Bender? Either way, it’s phenomenal and I highly recommend it! Sweet, creamy, salty . . . yum. I crave this combination!


sprouted lentils with parsley, carrots, olives, zucchini, and homemade olive oil vinaigrette

When I started working full-time after graduating from college, I ate homemade lentil salad for lunch almost every day for a year, and burned myself out on these little legumes. Soaking/sprouting them has renewed my love! They have a totally different consistency this way: crisp, light, and refreshing.


kale, crumbled tempeh, hummus, bbq sauce, and yummy sweet potato wedges

Tempeh has made a comeback in my diet as well. I have eliminated nearly all forms of processed soy, but do still eat it if it’s the best choice available, and still occasionally have soy milk in my coffee. But I cannot get enough tempeh! And in the scheme of things, I think it’s a pretty decent source of protein and live active cultures. My yogurt consumption declined sharply after the first 2 weeks post- Vegan Year (when I ate it almost every day!), so it’s good to get those live cultures in somehow.

And how could I forget dessert?!


peach + sunflower seed butter

Fruit + sunflower seed butter or almond butter is my absolute favorite dessert. It has the perfect sweetness and richness, but doesn’t weigh you down too much or cause any blood sugar spikes.


carrot-raisin manna bread + almond butter

Manna is so delicious! The only ingredients in this carrot-raisin variety are: sprouted organic wheat kernels, filtered water, organic carrots, and organic raisins. It tastes like a moist, dense, hearty carrot cake. You can find it in the frozen food isle of most health food stores.

I’m looking forward to adapting these meals into warmer, heartier autumn recipes, and increasing my running mileage in preparation for December’s 15K! What are you looking forward to?

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