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Fresh Ideas–BLDD

Posted Sep 15 2010 4:00am
Remember to enter the giveaway for five 18 Rabbits Granola Bars!

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You have until Friday to enter, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday morning. Good luck!


Over the summer, I created a big spreadsheet to train for the Dallas Half Marathon. It’s over on my How To page, but you can ignore it. I should probably just post a link to Hal Higdon’s website in its place. I have not kept to the long run plan at all. I still keep track of what I do each day, especially regarding mileage, but I haven’t gone more than 6 miles outside ever. I am not worried yet, as December 5 is still 10ish weeks away and my overall fitness is fine. I just need some cooler temps to get into the real training (it’s still over 90!). And I don’t want to overdo it since my legs and hips are not the most willing to run! Until then, I giggle that the spreadsheet is saying 9 and Saturday is Yom Kippur. I guess I didn’t consult the Jewish calendar.


That’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert. These are the fastest, easiest, yet super tasty meals I’ve done in one day.


Zucchini banana bread with two hard boiled egg whites and 1/2 banana. The banana goes great with the loaf since there’s banana in it.


I am still obsessing about the Flat Out wraps (90 calories and the wrap is huge and tasty), so I made another. This wrap had hummus spread on the inside, then I filled it with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and leftovers from the Whole Foods Salad bar of corn, peas, jicama, and wild rice. On the side was carrots and the other half banana with peanut butter. Don’t knock carrots + peanut butter until you’ve tried it.


Let’s talk about simplicity. This dish had 4 ingredients, and two could be optional. I took a pack of chicken and put it in a Pyrex dish. Then poured flavored diced tomatoes in a can over it. Then topped with oregano and rosemary leftover from last week. That’s it! Bake at 350* for 30 minutes. With a few minutes left to bake, we added shaved parmesan cheese on top to melt.

Served with a side of Alexia potatoes plus vegetables, and steamed snap peas seasoned with Mrs. Dash Salad Supreme (just a basic spice mixture) and salt and pepper.


Fresh Figs with Honey and Chocolate Chips

That’s it, those are the ingredients. I used 2 figs with a drizzle of honey and a few chocolate chips. Voila. Delicious flavors together.

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