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Fresh, food, fun

Posted May 17 2011 9:10pm

Weekends at home are always relaxing, and this one was no exception. We started off mom’s birthday weekend on Friday by taking in a minor league baseball game with a few of her friends.

(The Fort Wayne “skyline”)

The game got delayed because of rain, and it continued to rain throughout the night, but it was all around an enjoyable time. Mom insisted we take a picture of this poor little guy, who was zonked out for the last three innings, despite the rain and all the loud cheering.

I wish I could sleep like that!

On Saturday, my brother and I got a collection of small gifts together for Mom. A bottle of white zinfandel, some basil, oregano and parsley for her garden, and some fresh flowers.

Throughout the day we nibbled on this fresh pineapple I bought.

I tried cutting it into little crowns like Allie  does, but it didn’t quite work so well. In the evening we made phenomenal kebobs on the grill (yes, with pineapple). I was too busy grilling to get any pictures, though.

In the afternoon I baked some granola bars that I saw in Fitness magazine .

Eating a Luna bar while making granola bars. Too much?

Per usual I changed the ingredients a little, adding rice cereal, reducing the sugar and subbing cinnamon for the ginger.

They looked so pretty out of the oven.

But then I got impatient and tried to move them to the refridgerator so they would cool faster and I could cut them. Fail. They fell apart and I ended up with granola blobs, but they were still good.

To redeem myself, I made some of Ashley’s buckwheat-millet bread . I tried this once before but baked it way too long, and it ended up sticking to the parchment paper and being basically inedible. This time, though…

Brilliant! Seriously, soooo good. Isn’t it weird that buckwheat doesn’t contain gluten? The name is so deceiving.

You’ll want to make this. Trust me.

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