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Fresh Fig and Almond Milk Smoothie

Posted Sep 21 2011 3:49am
adam and eve

Fig leaves can be used to cover your privates and preserve modesty - as modelled by Adam and Eve

One of my favourite late Summer/early Autumn fruits is fresh figs. There’s something just so decadently, succulently delicious about them, don’t you think? A childhood friend of mine with all sorts of natural culinary wonders growing in her garden invited us to ravage her abundant fig tree (I felt like I was in an old fashioned postcard with the wooden ladder going up into the tree, using a rake to pull tall branches down to pluck the ripe figs off).


Did you know that the fig tree was the world’s first cultivated tree? When you’re lucky enough to find fresh figs – their season is quite short and they are highly perishable so don’t keep for long – choose the ones that are plump and soft, but not mushy, with a deep, rich colour (the lighting in my photo below really doesn’t do them justice). In fact, the ones half eaten by birds are the tastiest – nature knows what it’s doing!


Nutritional benefits: Both dried and fresh figs are a good source of fiber (they are actually a natural laxative, iron, calcium, potassium. Ancient Greek athletes ate them for strength. They are also said to improve sperm quality (I’ll let you figure out the resemblance…). They contain a generous amount of natural sugars so go easy on them (but definitely enjoy them!).

This smoothie was just perfect for summer breakfasts sitting out in the sun…


Delicious fresh fig and almond milk smoothie!

We also love red rice with goat’s cheese, fresh figs and pine nuts as a delicious savoury dish.

What do you prefer – dried or fresh figs? Do you eat fresh figs raw, cook them, eat them as a sweet food or incorporate them in savoury dishes?

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