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Frequently Asked Questions | Juice Plus+®

Posted Oct 21 2009 12:00am

Juice Plus+ is a simple, convenient, and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day.

Taking Juice Plus+ is the next best thing to eating fruits and vegetables. Of course, there is no substitute for eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. But because most people simply can’t, don’t, or won’t Juice Plus+ helps fill that gap.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
About Juice Plus+® Products

Q: What is Juice Plus+®?

A: Juice Plus+® is the registered brand name for NSA’s fruit and vegetable based nutritional products. These products contain concentrated juice powders from a variety of fruits, vegetables,
and grains.

Q: Why is Juice Plus+® unique?

A: Juice Plus+® is unique because of its ingredients. The whole food base is made using the concentrated juice powders from fruits, vegetables, and grains, and is produced through a proprietary juice drying process. Juice Plus+® is convenient, affordable, and bioavailable nutrition in a form which is easy to consume.

Q: How is Juice Plus+® made?

A: The Juice Plus+® powders are made specifically for NSA using a proprietary methodology developed by the company. The juices are dried in such a way as to retain as much of the nutrient content as possible from the original fruits and vegetables. These powders are blended with a few other food ingredients before being encapsulated and bottled.

Q: What does “bioavailable” mean?

A: Bioavailable is another way of saying “highly absorbable.” The nutrients in Juice Plus+® are recognized by the body and readily assimilated. This has been demonstrated by independent studies at a number of well-recognized universities and research centers around the world.

Q: Is Juice Plus+® a substitute for fruits and vegetables?

A: Juice Plus+® is not a substitute for fruits and vegetables. The company encourages everyone to eat at least 7 to 13 servings of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily, as recommended by health professionals worldwide. Juice Plus+® is a complement to a healthy diet rather than a substitute for one.

Q: If someone already eats fruits and vegetables, do they need Juice Plus+®?

A: The key to a healthy diet is balance, variety, and regularity. Most people do not manage to eat the recommended 7 to 13 servings of fruit and vegetables every day. Adding Juice Plus+® provides whole food based nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetables daily.

Q: How many servings of fruits and vegetables per day do the experts recommend?

A: The new U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend that adults should eat 7 to 13 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, depending on age, gender, and level of physical activity.
You can go to the website and plug in age, gender, and level of physical activity to get the U.S. recommendations for any individual. (Don’t forget that 1 serving = 1/2 cup). If you want to see the maximum recommendation of 13 servings a day, plug in the data for a 24-year-old male who exercises over an hour a day.

Q: How much of each fruit and vegetable is in Juice Plus+®?

A: Juice Plus+® is created using concentrated fruit and vegetable juice powders, so a direct comparison to whole fruits and vegetables would not be meaningful as water and some fiber are removed during the production of the juice powders.

Q: When should I take Juice Plus+®?

A: NSA recommends taking the products every day at a convenient time. The most important thing is to develop a regular habit so that it becomes part of your daily routine. Many people find that mealtime is a good time to remember to take their Juice Plus+®.

Q: I have trouble swallowing the capsules. What do you suggest?

A: Try taking one capsule at a time with a glass of water, or try holding one capsule in the mouth for 15 seconds to soften it before swallowing with water, holding the chin down. Other options include emptying the contents of the capsules onto food or taking the Juice Plus+® chewables instead of the capsules.

Q: Can I take my Juice Plus+® with coffee, tea, or cola?

A: Juice Plus+® capsules are best consumed with an 8 oz. glass of water. However, they can be consumed with any liquid.

Q: Who can take Juice Plus+® capsules?

A: Juice Plus+® capsules are nutritional products intended to be used by people over the age of three years. As with any change in diet, people on medication or with specific medical conditions should consult their doctor before starting to use Juice Plus+®.

Q: Will Juice Plus+® cure or improve certain diseases or conditions?

A: Juice Plus+® is not a medicine and is not a treatment or cure for any disease or condition.

Q: What can I expect to happen when I take Juice Plus+®?

A: Juice Plus+® is whole food based nutrition. It provides the good nutrition from a wide variety of fruits and vegetab les so often lacking in the diet. The products provide the benefits of these nutrients, and several studies have demonstrated these benefits in a variety of ways.

Q: Can you take too much Juice Plus+®?

A: While the company does not have any evidence of adverse effects from high intakes of Juice Plus+®, we do recommend individuals follow the serving directions provided on the label.

Q: Will I experience any side effects while taking Juice Plus+®?

A: Some people may notice changes when they add Juice Plus+® to their diet. Most of these will be positive; however, a few people have noticed gastrointestinal changes for a few days after starting Juice Plus+®. Taking the product mid-meal can help reduce these early effects.

Q: Can Juice Plus+® products be taken during pregnancy or by nursing mothers?

A: Juice Plus+® is whole food based nutrition and should be suitable for use by anyone who can eat fruits, vegetables, and grains. However, it is not a substitute for standard vitamins or minerals recommended for use before or during pregnancy or lactation. Anyone who is under the nutritional guidance of a doctor should consult him/her before starting Juice Plus+®.

Q: If I have allergies to certain fruits and vegetables, can I still take Juice Plus+®?

A: The fruits and vegetables used to make Juice Plus+® are listed on the label. If you are allergic to any of these we advise taking the bottles to your doctor to discuss this with him or her.

Q: Can diabetics use Juice Plus+®?

A: Diabetes is a medical condition. We advise any diabetic who would like to use Juice Plus+® to take the bottles to his/her doctor, so that the doctor can see that two Juice Plus+® capsules have approximately five calories and approximately one gram of total carbohydrate.

Q: Will Juice Plus+® affect someone taking Coumadin?

A: Because a small quantity of vitamin K is present in Juice Plus+ Garden Blend®, anyone taking this prescription medication should check with his or her doctor before taking Juice Plus+®.

Q: Is Juice Plus+® compatible with the prescription medications I am taking?

A: Anyone taking prescription medications should check with his/her doctor before taking Juice Plus+®. For example, if a medication is to be taken on an empty stomach, then Juice Plus+® should not be taken at the same time.

Q: Should people continue to take other vitamins or minerals with Juice Plus+®?

A: If your supplementation was prescribed or recommended by your doctor we recommend that you follow his/her advice. Otherwise, we recommend that people decide for themselves. Juice Plus+® taken consistently, over time usually supports excellent nutritional status.

Q: Is Juice Plus+® gluten-free?

A: All Juice Plus+® products meet the proposed FDA regulations for gluten-free food products.

Q: Are Juice Plus+® products dairy-free?

A: All Juice Plus+® products are dairy-free, including Juice Plus+ Complete® (unless a consumer mixes it with milk). Juice Plus+ Complete® powder has been formulated using plant based ingredients.

Q: Is Juice Plus+® kosher?

A: Juice Plus+® Orchard and Garden Blend are certified kosher.

Q: How do I store my Juice Plus+® products?

A: To ensure that your Juice Plus+® products maintain their high quality, we recommend that they be stored in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Q: Are the Juice Plus+® powder blends in the capsules also used in Chewables and Gummies?

A: Yes, Chewables and Gummies are based on the same blend used for the capsules. Chewables and Gummies contain additional ingredients to provide the proper texture and flavor.

Q: What type of testing and quality control is done on Juice Plus+® products?

A: NSA’s manufacturing partners monitor the quality of all ingredients during all phases of the production process in accordance with strict specifications. Each individual batch is subject to many different types of quality control procedures. All are designed to ensure that at each phase of the process only high quality ingredients are used in the manufacture of Juice Plus+®. The company also carries out a number of tests on the finished product to ensure that each batch meets our exacting quality standards and consistently delivers the good nutrition that our customers have come to expect.

Q: Is Juice Plus+® tested for pesticides and herbicides?

A: As part of the ongoing quality assurance program NSA regularly tests all products for herbicides and pesticides. This comprehensive testing is performed to meet both the US Food and Drug Administration and European Union standards.

Q: Where are the fruits and vegetables used to make Juice Plus+® grown? Are they organically grown?

A: The fruits and vegetables used to make Juice Plus+® are obtained from high quality growers mainly in North America. Locations vary due to climactic requirements of the various fruits and vegetables. The company uses as much organic produce as possible; however, the organic content varies with the supply available.

Q: Has Juice Plus+® changed over the years?

A: In over a decade of manufacturing Juice Plus+®, NSA has always focused20on product improvement. The company regularly assesses the quality of the ingredients and the processes used to manufacture Juice Plus+®. This has led to continual product improvements in the past, and these will continue in the future.

Q: What about copycat products?

A: NSA has a policy of not commenting on competitors’ products. The company has an unparalleled track record, with years of success and hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers in many countries. The pioneering role of NSA in proving the efficacy of Juice Plus+® in numerous peer-reviewed scientific studies is also un matched by any other branded nutritional product on the market.

Q: Where can I see the clinical research conducted on Juice Plus+®?

A: An overview of the published research is available on our website

Q: Why has there been so much research on Juice Plus+®?

A: The independent, published scientific evidence for the efficacy of the product provides validation and reassurance to NSA customers of the benefits of Juice Plus+®.

Q: How can so much nutrition be packed into a small capsule?

A: The proprietary juicing and drying procedures have been designed to retain as much of the nutrition from fruits and vegetables as possible while removing the water and bulk. The resulting whole food based powders contain the nutrition of the fruits and vegetables in concentrated form.

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The Health & Welllness Institute, PC
Official Distributor of Juice Plus+® Products

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