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Frequent Reasons For Ringing In The Ears

Posted Sep 15 2010 9:43am

< p>We have all experienced it at one time or another : a nasty, occasionally high-pitched ringing sensation deep inside our ears, AKA tinnitus.  While this is a very common small-term issue when exposed to high noise volumes, it can also be a protracted problem, which really may be due to some surprising sources.  

High Noise Volumes

The most clear and so common cause of tinnitus is being exposed to high noise volumes.  Have you ever been to a concert and experienced tinnitus for a couple of hours afterward?  Other instances in which high noise volumes may lead to tinnitus include working or being near loud heavy machinery, for example at construction sites, or listening to head telephones for a enduring lengthy period at a particularly high volume.  

Increase in Blood Pressure

High blood pressure can end up in many feelings of bodily pain, including tinnitus.  Periods of and excessive use of caffeine or alcohol can cause a rise in blood pressure, which may lead to tinnitus.  

Sinus Infections and Allergies

Both seasonal allergies and sinus infections can speedily cause tinnitus.  When an infection or moderate allergy is present, a thick layer of mucus regularly forms within the inner ear, which causes the feeling of head congestion, pressure, and ear aches.  

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome

Also known as TMJ, this very common condition of the jaw joint is known to cause long-term tinnitus.  The exact connection between TMJ and tinnitus still has to be learned by the medical community.  


Certain foodstuffs high in salicylates ( the active component in aspirin and some over the counter indigestion medications ) have been linked to tinnitus, such as wines, grain alcohols, cheeses, and chocolates.  

Wax Build-up

Keeping your ears wax-free is not just the hygienic thing to do, but might also improve your hearing.  Excess wax increase is that causes a many ear issues, including tinnitus.  

Stress, Shock, or Injury

Times of , traumatic experiences ( such as the death of a loved one ), and minor injuries can instantly cause several negative changes within your body, including the chemical production of your hypothalamus gland – which regularly leads to small-term tinnitus.  

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