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Freeing Up Time to…

Posted Aug 06 2012 2:25am


Summer has me scaling back on some projects and to make free time for other projects. Free time for me to catch up on some R & R (rest and relaxation), free time to try new recipes, free time to spend time with my daughter, free time to free up the things in my house that have been sitting around.

All the things that summer should be. You may have noticed live posts mixed in with some archival hits . It frees up a little time to balance those things in my life that I want to tend to. I don’t mean to be an intermittent blogger, but free time is sometime a necessary me-time thing to do. Because a happy mind is just as important to a whole healthy well being.

  1. Spending time with the Daughter


    We ventured out on our annual Disneyland trip this past weekend. But we have also been painting our nails, sipping our drinks at a cafe, hanging by the pool, fixing up our pad and more. Quality time with the daughter… is priceless. Especially if they are a pre-teen. Because that’s when they start giving tude. And quality time will soon be scarce. I hope that’s not the case, but you never know. I suppose I could always lure her into more quality time if I say, “shopping”. LOL.

  2. Rest & Relaxation

    rest and relaxation

    I bringing the friendship bracelet back into my life but with an adult twist. Adding a chain to half of it so it resembles a little grown up factor. I actually finished this one but need to take a picture of the final project. Now my daughter is begging me to make her some because my knots are so tight and perfect. haha.

    Well, tying knots is pretty therapeutic.

  3. Trying New Recipes

    lemon orzo salad with chicken

    I am glad that I made some time to experiment in the kitchen. This Lemony Orzo Salad with Chicken was da bomb! Perfect for a summer meal (and leftovers).

    I have scheduled more time for kitchen creations.

  4. Created a New Budget

    new budget spreadsheet

    I’m a numbers girl. I don’t like negative fiscal surprises like discovering I can’t pay a bill. This keeps me on track. And helps me budget for ‘free-time’ expenditures like the weekend trip above.

  5. Cut up the Credit Cards

    cut up the credit cards

    Oh, I did it! Cut up those credit cards! If its not in my budget, then money is not being spent and it’s not being bought. I have one debit card for cash purchases like groceries and gas. Then one account and debit card for my bill pay – all my fixed and variable bills – like rent, utilities, student loans, and revolving accounts.

    We’re going to hack the debt, save up for dreams, and live within our means!

  6. Donating Household Items

    thrift store

    We’ve been cleaning out closets and more. Donating to the thrift store and putting up items for sale. Cleaning out the household items that no longer serve a purpose. It such a good feeling to not be caring this stuff around. Especially when I know someone else could be getting a better use out of it.

Simplifying…Freeing up time to do the other things I love… Is just so necessary. Don’t you love quality time to do the other things you love? Like just lazing around a reading a good book or lounging by the pool….

What are some of the things you love to do in your free time?

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