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Freedom from Life Dysfunctions

Posted Oct 26 2009 11:05pm

Everyone has successes that have turned into failures.  Successes that have turned into failures, I call Life Dysfunctions.  Everyone has Life Dysfunctions. 

It doesn't matter what has caused your dysfunctions.  Your dysfunctions could be the result of your genetic makeup, your personality, your familial environment, your educational experiences, your government's interventions or your living in a depressed economy.

What matters is what you do about your dysfunctions!  

Do you continue to pursue past successes even though you are continuing to fail? 

Do you continue to think about your life in a feeling good way, when you are feeling discouraged and disappointed?

Do you continue to grieve and complain about the losses in your life?

Do you want freedom from your Life Dysfunctions or do you want to remain stuck in misery?  It does not matter what your particular dysfunction is.  What matters is that you make changes.

If you want freedom from Life Dysfunctions, it is important to make new choices.  Sometimes, you may not know what you need to do to change.  As a result, you do nothing.

The Freedom Choice from The North Star Mental Fitness Program has been crafted to help you become free from your dysfunction.  When you don't know what needs to be done, make a Freedom Choice. 

With the Freedom Choice you prepare your mind for making functional changes and choices in your life.  You begin by thinking the thought "I want freedom from" your dysfunction.  Just by thinking that you want freedom from your dysfunction, you will begin to make new choices.

Also, there are also other empowering choices to help you overcome your Life Dysfunctions in The North Star Mental Fitness Program.

Remember, You Live within the Dysfunctions Created by Your Choices!

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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