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Freedom from Governmental Dysfunctions

Posted Nov 01 2009 10:01pm

I have been blogging about change.  Vern from Aim for Awesome started me thinking about change and becoming free of life dysfunctions.

Vern defined a Life Dysfunction as "something about you that is at odds with society".  His idea was that we need to change what is creating discomfort for us and putting us at odds with society.

I do not disagree with this belief as it is a core belief of mental fitness.  However sometimes, we need to look at what is shaping society.  We need to evaluate whether society is being shaped by governmental interventions that are consistent with our political and personal beliefs and goals.

I define a Government Dysfunction as something about our government that is at odds with our society or us as individuals.  Government dysfunction is something about the government that is putting us at odds with our society, our Constitution and our freedom.

We need to stop being so preoccupied with our individual, life dysfunctions and disappointments.  We need to look beyond the boundaries of our skin, our family and our associations. 

Sometimes it is necessary and important to stop focusing on how we adapt and fit into society.  Sometimes it is necessary and important to focus on how our government is shaping society.

Now is the time!  It is necessary to change and remove our government dysfunctions that are negatively changing society and limiting our freedom.

There are many important societal issues and changes being forced upon us by our government.  Health Care is one of those issues.  The relevance of our Constitution is another issue.  Whether we will continue to have a democracy or socialistic government is another issue.  The issues are innumerable and life-changing.  Our government is determined to change our society.  It is important for all of us to determine whether the governmental changes will be dysfunctions or corrections for past dysfunctions.

We must defend our rights and freedoms.  We must stand up and courageously commit to removing dysfunctional government practices and individuals from determining the quality of our society and changing the nature of our government.

Remember, We Live within the Society and Government Created by Our Choices!  

For too long we have been content to do nothing regarding the government.  Doing nothing is a choice and will result in a dysfunctional government creating a dysfunctional society with dysfunctional individuals.  We must be actively and courageously committed to express ourselves and be heard.  We must make sure that our representatives represent us.

Dr. Hal

Life and Mental Fitness Coach

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