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Posted Nov 12 2012 1:50pm
I began this process with approximately 110,000 hairs on my head. I yanked out at least 30,000 thanks to youtube, iMovie, and my utter lack of patience. But, alas, I bring you orangeYOGA on Almost Healthy Life. YAY!

Warning: It's safe to say I'm no video editor; please excuse the choppiness of this short clip. There's more to come... look for a Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga clip soon!!

Hmmm, the audio disappears in the last few seconds of this video. Instead of promising to fix it and losing more hair I'll just tell you what I said, "Relax, find the space between wake and sleep. Rest. Welcome to savasana. Namaste, thanks for practicing with me!" 

It's been real, yogis! Thanks for following even though I'm such a noob at this vlogging deal :)

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Did you like it? Do you want more? If yes, comment below!! If no, don't comment and I'll assume you hated it and I'll probably cry myself to sleep tonight. 

*In the video I referred to The Belly Zipper. Here's the link if you're into written instructions. 

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