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Free Vinyasa Yoga Podcast

Posted Jun 20 2012 9:34am Free Vinyasa Yoga Podcast

(Source: Etsy Print )


I found this great collection of Vinyasa Yoga Podcasts online (by some guy named Nathan) that really remind me of an instructor at my gym whose class I used to go to religiously and who now only teaches smack in the middle of the day while I’m at the office.

It’s such a great flow: It’s interesting. It doesn’t bore me. It includes some pretty cool poses that I don’t practice all the time. The instructor doesn’t sound like a total douche or hippie, and I don’t find myself mentally telling him to just shut the fuck up! like I do with some instructors (ahem, Dave Farmar ).

So, yeah, basically it’s a win. Especially since I can manage to get through a whole 90 minutes without wanting to just shut it off and go bake cookies or something.

Anyway, now I just want to do yoga all the time again– which is awesome– and I’m starting to reconsider taking a Yoga Teacher Training course which I’ve always wanted to do but sort of pushed aside for the past, oh, 5 years or so. I imagine I could be a good teacher if I can bring some elements that I like into a yoga class– like strength and variety of poses– and leave out the ‘words of wisdom’ that some teachers like to force on you.

. . . but knowing me I’ll probably hold off on teacher training again this year.

Anyway, if you’re looking for some really good, FREE yoga podcasts check out the  Nathan Yoga Podcasts .

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