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Free Therapy

Posted Mar 09 2013 8:11am Challenge:
Today: Run 3 miles, (8:40-8:45 pace)
Total for the Month: 13.63 miles

I have a thing. This thing has really gotten me verklempt the past few 24 hours. I'm stuck on what to do. I want to let it go but I'm still desperately holding on to a few threads. 

This blog post will surely win Vaguest Post of the Year. 

I'm being non-descript for good reason. To protect the innocent. And in order to protect everyone from serious bodily injury inflicted by yours truly I really need to run today. I don't just have to or want to, I NEED TO.

I've tried crying it out. (queue the "awww, poor Steffi") I've tried yelling it out. I've tried talking it out. Nothing is working.

But running. Running fixes things. Not everything. No. But this one, maybe. I think a quick three mile run is just what I need to get this out of my system and move on to better things. This thing is just not worth my energy.

Running, it's free therapy.

Do you do this? Do you run it out? Does it work? 
I didn't used to think about anything whist running but how crappy running feels. Then something happened. I started to relax and just zone out or ponder life or something resembling a mix of the two. 
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