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Free Froyo is the Best Froyo

Posted Jun 20 2013 10:20pm

I was up bright and early as usual this morning to go to the morning program. I grabbed a banana on the way out the door to give me a bit of fuel to get through my early morning.

After the morning program, I met up with one of my best friends for a coffee/breakfast date and catch up on everything we've missed in each other's lives over the past month or so. I ordered a non-fat vanilla latte and a breakfast sandwich without cheese.

Everything was alright, but it certainly wasn't fantastic by any means. I would have made it all at home easily and it may have just tasted better. Good thing the company was amazing otherwise I wouldn't have been too happy by the time I left.


For lunch, I made myself a mixed berry banana protein shake by blending together half a cup of frozen mixed berries, half of a frozen banana, half a scoop of vanilla protein powder, and a cup of flax milk.


My workout for the day included roughly an hour long ride on one of my new favourite ponies! I always have such a blast riding him and getting used to his amble.

I also did an at-home version of the GPP Fitness Wiped workout. I didn't have time to get to the gym, so I did it quickly at home using slightly lighter handweights than required. My goal is to tone up and not bulk up, so I didn't feel upset at all that I used lighter handweights. I still got an incredible workout!


After the after school program, it was time for dinner. Casey and I made up a batch of multigrain pasta full of diced orange bell pepper, hot banana peppers and crab. I also had a side of steamed broccoli with a tiny sprinkle of marble cheese on top. Yum!


Just as Casey and I were about to call it a night, we caught word that there was a brand new Kiwi Kraze opening on the other side of the city tonight and they were giving away free frozen yogurt. How could we possibly pass that up? We drove across the city and got in line for our free frozen yogurt. This place was hoppin'!

They were giving out little snack-sized bowls which were absolutely perfect! Why don't they have this size option all the time? I got a bowl full of non-fat cake batter frozen yogurt with cheesecake bites and sprinkles on top. It tasted fantastic and even better because it was FREE!

And now it's finally time I can get some sleep. I'm pretty tired and I have yet another busy day ahead of me tomorrow. I can't wait for the weekend! Luckily, tomorrow is Friday!
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