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Fraternal or identical TWINS

Posted Dec 15 2010 5:10pm

Wow! I am cannot believe how many of us have either know someone that has had their place broken into or it happened to you. It is so sad that crime is where it is today :(

Due to all that drama, I had a hard time focusing on anything. So 4 minute workout to the rescue to get me going again!

Fitness header

Twins Workout – 4 minutes

Set our Gymboss Interval Timer to 10 – 50 intervals

Squat with leg twist

We both did 26 each time

Supergirl push-up

And we both did 13 push-ups

Followed my 100 sit-ups with legs at a 90 degree angle.

Huh, I guess we are twins?

We got a funny story…we quickly went into a healthy food store to grab some coconut water, and seriously everyone in the store was like “Are you guys twins?” It was so funny!!! Honestly, ever since we have been down in the Charlotte area we have received more attention of being twins than we did in Raleigh. Weird?

But it makes us smile when people get such a kick out of twins!! And one lady asked, if we mind people always asking us if we are twins, and no we do not mind at all. Ask us anything!!!

So what do you guys think….do we look alike??



haha and now for a really embarrassing picture…no laughing…haha

IMG_0007 Check out the shoes? The dresses? Who does our hair?

Who is who?

We are fraternal twins, but after today (no one believed us) everyone told us we should get our DNA done to see if we are identical. Who knows. ;)

Post workout smoothie:

DSC_0027 Vega, kale, water, fresh ginger, banana, frozen cherries, and lemon

It was a little on the thick side, but still very tasty!!

Lori and I also enjoyed a small sprouted socca …we needed something comforting after a stressful day.


Plus guess what we are trying out?


Now I am off to a class…more on that soon!

Till next time,


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