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Fourty Day Fast

Posted Feb 15 2013 1:00am

Hiya guys!

Fashionably late I have decided to give up something for this years Lent! And no, it’s not chocolate….

Facebook Fast

Actually way harder for me to give up is Facebook (for 40 days that is. I obviously wouldn’t want to couldn’t live permanently without chocolate!!).

Don’t get me wrong. I think Facebook is (or could be) a wonderful tool for sharing valuable information and connecting people worldwide, which is oh so important in the time spirit we find ourselves in. However I, like so many other people, can’t seem to find a balance. I overuse (abuse) the site in which case it doesn’t aid me in my personal growth, but instead hinders me. I owe a lot to this social media tool. I made many new friends (yes, that I met irl after connecting on facebook first), I have been made aware of tons of great resources that aid me every day in my learning processes (my latest obsessions are Spirit Science, Thrive & anything Drunvalo Melchizedek), and I also get to share my little nuggets of wisdom and inspiration. Last but not least, Facebook has been my only means of marketing the past 3 years and I definitely see it as a form of personal & meaningful ‘marketing’ (by simply sharing my thoughts & life).

Howevah, Facebook is definitely my major source of distraction from living in the moment and pursuing my purpose. Too often I find myself wanting to ‘share’ things publicly without knowing why. Too often I find myself mindlessly scrolling through my news feed to see what others are up to. I find it very interesting to notice I feel the urge to (ab)use facebook much less in periods where I have very strong focus and dedication to my lives purpose (including my work), periods where I eat super healthy and find myself outdoors a lot, and overall the periods where I feel much more ‘connected’, grounded, happy. E.g., when my vibration is higher. Obviously, this works both ways. The less Facebook I use, the more I am able to get into this high vibe state :) .

Another major factor in this decision is that I want to work more and more towards spending most of my time not bathing in radiation (EMF) emitted by wireless connections. Instead of having it on by default, only turning the wi-fi on when needed. After getting rid of my TV and turning off the connection on my phone most of the time, I feel this is the logical next step.

Last but not least, I am working on some pretty major and epic projects for some like it raw that I all want to bring to you this year and on schedule, and I feel if I limit my Facebook use to the bare minimum, I would improve my productivity with 30-50% (directly and indirectly). Ps for more news on this pretty major and epic projects, stay tuned! I am revealing a lot of info over the coming few days!

Facebook, like anything in this world, can be medicine or poison, depending on how you use it. I want to create balance and clear intention in my Facebook engagement, which at the moment I am once again lacking sorely. This last week I get to blame my killer jetlag, however I also admit I am worsening the effects of jetlag by not cutting myself off the Internet often enough and just kick myself back into gear (and to bed)!


I have long toyed with the idea of doing a Facebook fast but always deemed it ‘impossible’ for me personally because it is such a vital aspect of my business! I wanted to disconnect from Facebook personally, not professionally. Well, I have now finally found the solution; hootsuite. With this nifty little tool I can post and share things to my Facebook fan page (and personal page and groups) without even having to log on to Facebook! This means I can keep my fans updated of new website content, I can keep sharing photos of meals, inspirational quotes, and so forth, without having to log on and being distracted by 3 friendship requests, 8 messages, 42 notifications, tags, and my news feed. This, for me, is ideal. Hootsuite also has the option to auto schedule messages so once a day or so I will use it to auto schedule a bunch of messages/photos for the coming days and be done with it.

So here’s  the deal;

* For 40 days I will not log on to Facebook
I will remove the Facebook app from my phone
* I will remove the Facebook icon from my bookmarks bar
* I will only share relevant information/inspiration through hootsuite
* I will check once every few days or so for messages and questions and respond to these (only for my website page, not my personal account, and again only via hootsuite)
* I will upload a profile picture that lets people know I am not on facebook for 40 days
* I will turn of the wi-fi whenever I’m not using it 

Do you ‘like’ this? Feel free to join me!

Tell me: what’s your relationship status with facebook?
& Are you ‘giving up’ anything for Lent?

The  point of discipline is not a restrictive one but one of expansion. Whatever it is you start doing (exercise routine, language course, daily sex) or stop doing (smoking, drinking, being judgmental), you’re doing it because you want to create more possibilities and opportunities for yourself. You try to create extra space for who you are and who you want to be, you do it because you believe you will benefit from it and will improve your life.

Discipline should be relaxing; it gives you more freedom. It cuts out a lot of inner dialogues, makes sure you do the things that are beneficial to you and your life and you can go about your days knowing you’re doing something right. This should relax you!

Self-discipline is not about being your own dictator. It is about being your own disciple.

- Brian Johnson

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