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Four Reasons Why You Should Buy A Digital Bathroom Scales

Posted Mar 22 2009 3:19pm

Digital bathroom scales have a few great advantages over tradition “analog” models. Most of the benefits may not be immediately evident to the average consumer. Although there are literally limitless possibilities with digital technology, these four are the ones you should be paying attention to.

1) Accuracy: Digital bathroom scales offer the benefit of reading and displaying the user’s weight in a far more acurate manner than traditional scales were ever capable of. Traditional bathroom scales calculated weight by using a series a springs and levers that would eventually wear out over time and loose accuracy. Since Digital bathroom scales don’t use any moving parts this error is vertically eliminated.

2) Clearer Displays: The benefit of this speaks for its self. Digital bathroom scales are great for everyone, but especially useful for those with reduced vision and the older generations. Displays vary greatly and choosing the right one will ultimately depend on your taste. Just keep in mind that a bathroom scales is of no use if you can’t even read the display!

3) Aesthetics: By eliminating the “guts” of traditional scales, Digital weight scales have nearly unlimited design possibilities. This allows for designs that appear to be made entirely of glass, or even ultra slim profiles that fit very well with a modern bathroom look. If you’re tired of the dated boring “white rectangle” look, taking a look at some of the digital models might give you some ideas of what would look great in your bathroom.

4) Functionality: If you are shopping for something more than a scale that only shows your weight, you have to go digital! Some models offer functions such as: locking in your specific target weight, body fat analysis, displaying weights in different units and even storing the weights or other household users.

There are a few other things worth mentioning when shopping around for the perfect Digital weight scales. Since Digital bathroom scales require electricity, you need to think about where this power is coming from. Although almost all of the Digital weight scales on the market require batteries to operate, I reviewed one example that uses solar power to function. The remainder have built in functionalities such as manual or automatic shut off switches to conserve battery power when not in use. Regular Digital bathroom scales require very little energy to operate and will provide continuous operation for years. If you do plan on purchasing a model with more functions, this may not be the case, but don’t let this issue become a drawback in selecting a scale that you want for your home. Remember that a bathroom scales should not only be something that tells you how much you weight, it should be a tool you can use to stay healthy, fit and provide added value to your bathroom. The switch to digital has improved our many other aspects of our lives, so why should the bathroom be any different?

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