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Former Dairy “Queen” Discovers Adverse Hormonal Affects of Dietary Dairy

Posted May 01 2012 5:00pm
Low-level dairy intolerance is quite common with bloating and gastrointestinal upset seen as the most common symptoms. 

I recently gave up dairy for three months and while my personal situation may vary from my reader’s, I believe many people may benefit from ditching dairy for an extended period and then re-introducing dairy to ascertain their own possible intolerance.

I, in particular, wanted to forgo dairy to allow me to monitor any hormonal influences that could be attributed to dairy intake.  Additionally, I was totally enamored with dairy and had fallen victim to a full-blown food addiction.  Yes, I am a former cheese addict.
Recently, I began to re-introduce dairy and have noticed a multitude of dairy-related symptoms…
  • Bloating
  • Gastrointestinal Upset
  • Skin Irritation of the Arms
  • Facial Breakouts
  • General Fatigue
I also believe there is a definite connection, hormonally.  Conventional Dairy often contains lingering hormones given to the dairy cows; which we in turn ingest, leaving our bodies to deal with the effects and the burden of excess hormone removal via the liver. 
Obviously, purchasing only dairy products derived from happy cows not administered added hormones and allowed to roam free in the pastures, munching on grass and clover, would be ideal, in other words, organic dairy. 
This would certainly tame the hormonal influences upon our body systems, but not eliminate issues regarding dairy intolerance.
One of my biggest hurdles throughout this dairy-free process has been to find a coffee creamer replacement.  
I like soy milk in Chai Tea – but not coffee.  I like almond milk in certain recipes – but not coffee.  I do not like rice milk at all. 
Finally, after quite the search, I found “So Delicious” Coconut Milk Creamer (plain) and while it is not the same wonderful, creamy taste of organic half and half, it has become my go-to substitute and is tolerable, if not tasty at times.
For me, eliminating medications, abstaining from dietary diary as well as any protein food sources with added hormones, steering clear of pesticides (focusing on organic produce), and supplementing with supportive herbs and vitamins, I have found some hormonal relief.  While it is still an ongoing situation, I believe I am headed in the right direction and hope to balance my hormones naturally and completely in short order.  

Just thought I’d share my personal observations.  And, as a side note, forgoing dairy has not had any affect upon my waistline, sad, but true.
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