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forget it and remember

Posted Jul 14 2013 7:50pm

This weekend was disappointing in the health/fitness/running aspect. I’ve been sick for the past few days with a cold that just wont leave me alone. My head is cloudy, my throat is super sore, my noise wont stop running, my body aches, I had a fever last night, and my voice, when I have a voice, sounds like I smoke 6 packs a day. Not to mention the rest of the fam feels the same way. I’m just exhausted and worn out.

I tried to go running on Saturday morning, shooting for a 12 miler, but ended up stopping at 4.85 miles because my left knee was killing me, again. It’s the same knee that was hurting in the marathon (in April) and since I’m training for a half marathon that is in 3 weeks, I figured I shouldn’t push it. Just crossing my fingers that I’ll be better by the race.


While I was walking home after only hitting 4.85 miles, I did a lot of thinking and decided I was sick of running. HA! I’ve said that before!

It’s more like I’m sick of getting hurt and not reaching the goals I have set with running. So, after this half marathon, I’m going to be done with training for a while. I’ll definitely still be running. As much as I can. But I won’t be training for anything. There’s something about the mental aspect of training for a race that wears my body out and down. frus.tra.ting.

So, since I’m sick and sick of running (Winking smile) I switched gears and I made a bandana with the Chinese character for “remember” on it. One of my little bro’s is studying Chinese, so I’m always asking him for the characters of different words. I think Chinese characters are so cool looking! And remember happens to be my favorite word, period, so I put it on a bandana. Rockin’. I know.


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