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For your hair...the wet hair brush.

Posted Nov 01 2012 4:16pm

What's that you say? A hairbrush you use on wet hair, you are not supposed to brush your hair when it's wet you are supposed to comb it.  Using a comb takes quite a while when you have thick, long hair and can be quite uncomfortable.  
Last weekend I was at a friend's place in Philly and I happened to forget my hairbrush, she offered me hers to use and said it's a wet hair brush. I'm pretty sure the next words were something like, "It will change your life."  Okay, maybe a little dramatic for a hairbrush but it really does work wonders.  It gets out tangles quick and painlessly.  I don't have any children yet but I can imagine this would be great to use on your little girls that don't like to comb their hair because it hurts to get out all those knots. 

$8.99 Use on wet or dry hair.

What's the difference between this and a regular hair brush you ask yourself?  I couldn't tell by looking at it or even by comparing it to my regular hairbrush but it really works differently and moves smoothly through wet hair.  Here is the answer I found on the website Folica , where I purchased the brush;

"The bristles are ultra flexible, which means you can brush hair while wet without causing breakage (typically should not brush your hair when wet). Because the bristles are so flexible, they easily pull through the hair without hurting. It really is a great brush if you have kids, but also works wonders on adults! Try it out and you will see."

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