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for the past 2 1/2 weeks i have been spotting dry blood, ive been a bit gassy, and ive been having head aches.

Posted by ashleymarie531

for the past 2 1/2 weeks ive been spotting dry blood thats sometimes a little clumpy, and every once in a while ill get some pinkish blood too. ive been getting a little gassy lately also. i will have cramp-like pains in my stomach every once in a while, along with mild to terrible head aches daily. and im on the nuva ring birth control.

 ive been looking around online and i came up with three conclusions but i want someone elses opinion also..

that i could be pregnant and spotting early.

it could be because of the cirvix ripping during intercourse, but i havent had sex in a little over three weeks..

or it may be because with the nuvaring, you have it in for 24 days, take it out for 3-4, and then put a new one in, and the last time, i just put a new one in right away because ive read up that you dont have to conastantly have your period on the nuva ring, and my body could just be getting used to that? but ive been on the nuva ring for about 6 months now..and this is the first time i didnt have a 3-4 day grace period.

 if you have any additional information, that would be great!


-please and thanks, ashley

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I'm on the nuva ring. Just started. And I'm having kind of the same thing. I'm actually on my bi-week right now, and i'm noticing kind-of-but-not-really cramping and the dried blood period, but its not enough to stain the clothes. its kinda weird really. but if you're having it too, i'm guessing its probably the ring. I hope i'm not pregnant.
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