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For the Love of Lilac

Posted Feb 01 2013 8:45am

The Story of the Lilac

Article Contributed by Izzy Smith

         Every kind of flower   has its’ own special meaning and place under the sun. We often connect many plants with a certain time of the year and the impression for the individual flowers is based on that. Spring flowers are always one of the most beloved as they mark the beginning of the best part of the year and the end of the winter, which is going away at least for the next several months. Many flowers are special with their form and fragrance, and the lilac is one of them.

                 Generally the lilac is woody plant, which is part of the family of the olives. Its home is Europe and from there it  spread across Asia. Today, lilac is cultivated and grown all over the world.

  The Story of the Lilac

         The origins of the name of the flower are more interesting than its homeland. It is considered to come from Arabic , and especially Persian language and it can be translated as dark blue.

         The shape of the lilac is different from the other flowers. It is called flower but it is actually a bush. The sizes of the bushes vary from two up to ten meters. The flowers are heart-shaped and the leaves are opposite to one another. Their shape is regular and simple and does not deserve special attention or descriptions.

         Talking about the color of the flower, it has to be said that usually it is in purple shades, though other variants are also possible. Amongst the options are white, pink and yellow. The rarest of them all is the burgundy, still it can be seen, but not grown in natural conditions.

         Any flower in the language of flowers is symbolizing something. So is the lilac. In many cultures it is considered to be symbol of love. These are some Mediterranean and Eastern Cultures which connect it with the Eastern holy days due to the fact that it is blossoming by that time of the year.

The Story of the Lilac_1

         The lilac flower is very important for the U.S. state of New Hampshire . It is its symbol for many years. It is connected with the stories that the men and the women living there have very strong characters and are very hard, like the granite found in the state. That is why New Hampshire is often called the Granite State.

         Last but not least it has found place in many poems of different authors during the centuries.

         The beauty of this flower is very highly appreciated. That is why there are many special days and festivals, which are connected with this flower. The Arnold Arboretum in the state of Massachusetts is organizing each May many celebrations that are connected with the lilac flower. During the festivities there are more than four hundred and forty kinds of lilac shown in the museum. In the Lilac Sunday even the picnics in the gardens of the Arboretum are allowed and this is the only day of the year, when this is possible.

         Also in May but in Illinois is the annual parade, called Lilac Village. In the city of Lombard in the same state there is a park with more than two hundred kinds of lilac which can be seen during that month of the year when it is blossoming.

         There are similar festivals in the states of New York , Michigan, Ontario and Washington. Each one of them is held and is very beautiful and interesting.

Author Bio:

Izzy Smith is a working mom, writer and adventurer, loves to travel, smile and enjoy every minute of her life 

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