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For the lips? I finally bit the bullet.

Posted Nov 15 2012 9:55pm

I have worn red lipsticks in my life probably 4x. The time I was a flapper, trying on mom's freebie lipsticks, dressing up as Snow White, oh and the other time I was a flapper.  Every time I feel like I look so silly.  You can't read any fashion magazines or blogs without seeing it and it looks so fabulous.  The person can be wearing a totally simple outfit and the lipstick changes everything.  That being said about a month ago a friend and I went to Ulta and tried on a bunch and left empty handed, but learning a few things; I cannot wear orange-red shades, if I am going to do this there is no in between it's go Red or go home, and I need a professional to find the perfect red.

YSL 'Rouge Pur Couture' 001 Le Rouge

YSL Lip Liner Pencil 010 True Red

I was at my favorite department store, Nordstroms a few weeks ago when I purchased by fabulous YSL touch up pen, read more here , while there I asked the makeup artists if they thought I could pull of red and two of them answered yes.  One of them said, "people with blue eyes are meant to wear red."  They asked if I wanted to try and ease into and I replied, "NO! If I'm doing this we are going RED!"  We chatted about how I have a very thin top lip and she suggested that we use liner to enhance that as much as possible and then put the lipstick on.  The red above is a true red, leaning on the blue side of the spectrum not the orange. It was a little shocking but I liked how it looked.  

The YSL lipstick goes on smooth and not sticky, it feels almost like my favorite Fresh Sugar lip gloss. 

I thought London was the perfect place to debut my new look because no one knows me there and if I looked like I was playing dress up, oh well.  The husband left the hotel to go for a walk while I got ready and he got back and looked at me a little surprised but said he liked it.  We had a few drinks before dinner and I went to the restroom a few hours after the first application and it was still on, pretty impressive.  

It took some time to get used to but I think it's here to make its appearance every once in awhile...round two this Saturday :-) 

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